Tarnished Trophy

Iím a bit disturbed
I never denied
Who I was
Who I am inside.
It was you
who took
certain pieces of me
to create
your own
little fantasy.
You believed only
what YOU wanted
to believe,
And tried molding me
what YOU wanted
me to be.
It was you
who picked and chose
what YOU wanted to see,
putting me on a pedestal
like some type of trophy.
I recited to you
my long list of flaws,
it was YOU who decided
to ignore it all.
Like how could someone
so beautiful be so ugly?
But no one told you
to come along and
try to love me.
No one asked you
to attempt to fix
my broken ass,
after you found me
laying on the ground
like shattered glass.
I wish you never tried
to pick me up
and be a friend.
Because now
youíre all pissed off
that Iím broken once again.
I own a fcked up past
and a fcked up present,
so Im not so sure
that my future
will be pleasant.
Yet here you are
telling me about me
and this amazing woman
you claim to have seen,
but clearly she got lost
in your fantasy land,
So you take it out on me
because I just donít understand.
You refuse to accept me..
You want to change me
to fit
the the attitude you like,
and the clothes you picked.
The job you claimed
I would love,
you want me to work.
You want to scrub me free
of all my dirt,
 erase my memory
of all pain and hurt,
Decide who and what
I should love and put first.
Instead of allowing me time
to learn and grow,
you want to have say
over what I should know.
You rather criticize me
for being an honest mess,
and choose whether or not
Iím trying my best.
Patronize me for my
promiscuous ways,
and completely ignore
on my conservative days.
Asking me to be truthful
and upfront,
then scolding me
for being so blunt.
Deleting,Editing and
Changing my font,
 writing my story
the way the way
that you want.
Thinking of ways to insult
and taunt, all because I
canít be what you want.

Written by LovelySoul89
Author's Note
This piece speaks for itself...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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