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Loyalty don't die quiet

Im tired of the game so I got ahead of it/ so sick of these nigggas I become celibate// as a little kid the shit that witnessed it made me vicious// listen I know what it's like to be addicted to Pills and I know what it's like to struggle for real// I've been loyal to snakes the devils shootin to kill// I'm just trying to raise my daughter without a father and a son to be anti run and anti-gun the opposite of what his father was// but im feeling lost my wounds are too deep to bleed and I'm still trying to fight off all the devils seeds but I don't want to be saved I just want to feel supported while I'm saving myself// were living in hell so it's every man for himself// has anyone ever told you the present is old news??// tryna push harder just to put your head in that old noose// but i refuse to lose for me that wont do// it's a war in the core and this is our tombs// you tell me to give it my all or I might as well not get involved// but when I'm honestly abrasive that when our problems evolve//// I'm trying to get in touch with the holy spirit, but it's a mirage of mirrors, dependent on the rarest of feelings, just too scared to admit it// I'm choking on the air of the minute is it fair to resent it? Cuz I'm defending what I can barley diminish //I cant adjust to the world So i let the world adjust to me//
I dont give a fuck bout what you think
So i flow free //Im not anti social im just realy pro me//My life is hard enough without people bringin me down
Im drownin //My walls are crushin
So i take a step back Study the aftermath
//Next time ill master that//I cant go back and change the past //But i can fucking begin with no amends// to defeat me is a mission impossible My brain is unexplained but never illogical // people are so shallow i got paranoid thoughts of bein gassed// Might as well call me king Arthur the way I'm pulling knifes out my back// and  I'm just speaking from raw sentiment// benefits have never been present// an energy so pressin I'm pickin up pieces of me while your preaching peace and creepin to the exit// got me searchin for keys to your heart full of greed just to meet grievance or acceptance// I fucking hate quitters wearing the image I've never been a winner too busy listening for you to air the percentage and animate the candidate that brought you there to present it// I pissed the pot away but I never regretted// dope feines all around me it's fucking tragic// it takes everything i got to close my eyes //more than my next breath i just wanted my kids to see me shine //but I keep getting sent back to the end of every fucking line// so my days fly by but I can't even lie I don't really mind// so  in my fucked up mind ima lie real quiet cuz I'm so fucking tired of screaming in silence// I see my dreams dying slowly Tears on my eyelids// Lost it all in a night but loyalty don't die quiet
Written by Spokentruth143 (Sarah Flores)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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