Stop chasing dreams


My sister told me to follow my dreams
 but growing up my nightmares were really just following me
I wish she would have told me "how you live today will affect the rest of your life,
why you keep doing wrong if you know it ain't right?"
So before I die I'm gonna speak up for what I believe in
Cuz I struggled too long for it to be for no reason
Every battle I've fought I went to war on my own
Every demon I conquered I did it alone
So if it makes you happy no-one else's opinion should matter
Your life is your book you decide who you want in each chapter
Who likes you and who dont is an errelivent factor
Loving yourself isn't something I was taught in my classes
I had to learn that alone I just needed a new pair of glasses for a crystal clear view without any scratches
I left my past in the past and started piecing together the puzzle of me every piece that I lost I searched for in the highest degree
stop depending on faith cuz
Faith is depending on you
 if you're sleeping all day how will your dreams ever come true?
Each wall that I built I'm breaking them down I'm building a new house with only windows around
Most people don't understand me
Cuz They havnt seen what I seen
They tried to knock me down but I'm still standing no-one fights harder then me
But If you live in the past you will never get to see what the futures like you don't have to forgive or forget just as long as you put it behind you
Lock it away in a safe bury it deep in the ground take the lessons it taught you appliy it to who you are now
They keep calling me crazy woah maybe i am
Cuz I am the only other true friend that I have
So I'm keeping these windows all crystal clean
I can see right through you and you can watch me achieve every goal that I have that wasn't handed to me
My fight game is heavy so I dont talk with my mouth i speak with my actions I think with my mind Cuz my hearts a distraction
With one goal to the top And my kids as my passion
I'm writing my book and this here is my mansion
Written by Spokentruth143 (Sarah Flores)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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