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The Belt

Barefoot, I tip toe
Down the corridor
To the room that was ours
But youíre not here no more

I open your closet
Now filled with empty space
There are few things youíve left
No more suits, such good taste

I close my eyes
Still smell your cologne
Grasp hold of the pillow
Still sad and alone

I play out my song
Set it out on repeat
I blast it and dance
To the classical beat

The tears havenít stopped
Since you walked out the door
Itís been íbout a week
Empty bottles fill the floor

I throw out some hangers
I find an old shirt
I scrunch it all up
Smell your scent and it hurts

I strip myself naked
And button it up
You left with no reason
And you left me fucked up

I find a leather belt
That you left in a box
Left among some old ties
And mementos and socks

I inhale the leather
Lay it out on the bed
The tears come back slowly
And I drop down my head

Grab hold of the belt
Twist it tight íround my neck
Push the end through the buckle
But itís too wide, I checked

Determined and desperate
I run down to the kitchen
Grab the drill from the drawer
And continue my mission

Lie back on the bed
Let myself cry it out
When Iím ready, I focus
Hold my screams, hold my shouts

Grasp onto the belt
Twist it íround once again
Itís much tighter this time
Find the hole, still my head

I start lashing and kicking
But itís not with regret
I canít breathe, I exhale
Yank it off, it wont let

I pull as I can
Try to unbuckle the clasp
But it just wonít give in
So I give up the task

My head feels so hot
My lips swell and I drool
My eyes are exploding
Yet I pull, such a fool

I cough and I spit
This is taking so long
In the distance
Take comfort in my life as a song

It is ďMoonlight SonataĒ
Such a classical tune
So much sadness, such comfort
Take my last breath too soon
Written by Diaryofabasketcase (Silvia Rosario)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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