The inimitable Zimbabwean Patriot - Robert Gabriel Mugabe!

By Stanley Collymore

You courageously and quite fearlessly, relative to your
own individual safety and security, stalwartly stood
up for the freedom, the recovery of their callously
subverted independence as a nation, and the
demoralized dignity of the Zimbabwean
people. An honourable stance on your
part that put you, Robert Mugabe, dangerously, in terms
of your own safety and personal wellbeing, at odds
with the fascist, apartheid and white racist barbarians,
who in conjunction with their likeminded western
Caucasian so-called kith and kin that had not
only previously purloined your countryís
enormous wealth and natural resources,
had also, in the process of doing so,
likewise extremely barbarically and
uncompensated, seized the entire
country of Zimbabwe for their
asserted racist, colonialist and
inhuman apartheid purposes.

While simultaneously had additionally and quite
savagely with the full backing of their white
supremacist, committed colonialist and
comprehensively full of their own
self-endowed immunity and
impunity - brutally forced the entire
indigenous Black population of
Zimbabwe into a hazardous
condition of subservient
impecuniousness and
a quite deliberately
racially created
and effective

But your own personal dignity, cherished morality
and an undiminished sense of freedom, Robert
Mugabe, instinctively knew these white
racist actions to be wrong. And so
you selflessly, commendably
and defiantly Ė and on these matters Iím
absolutely sure that every unbiased
person will wholeheartedly and
unanimously agree Ė put your
very life and future on the
line both for and also to
uncompromisingly re-establish the dignity plus
the sovereignty of the Zimbabwean people,
a mission that you vastly achieved. And
even without your unfortunate death
Robert Mugabe, there is neither a
single fair-minded nor frankly
an honest person, currently
or else in the future, who
can or will ever want
to disbelieve your
amazing legacy.

© Stanley V. Collymore
10 September 2019.

Authorís Remarks:
For me, personally, Robert Mugabe was undoubtedly, still is, and will forever unalterably remain a hero in every conceivable positive etymological meaning of that word. Furthermore, intensive and analytical research by me have both extensively and categorically shown that my deeply embedded sentiments regarding this incomparably great man are likewise shared by millions of people not only in Robert Mugabeís indigenous homeland of Zimbabwe, the continent of Africa generally and the wider African Diaspora on both sides of the Atlantic, but also among other non-racist, fair-minded and non-Black populations globally.

Longevity, thankfully, has been kind to this inimitable man and superb human being. He was 95 years old when he died on the 6 September 2019. But even so, with his actual and rather unfortunate passing heíll still be sorely missed, I know, by people like me. And quite rightly so. However, Iím absolutely confident that his most impressive and revolutionary legacy will actively live on in the hearts and minds of current and future generations of Black and other races who both cherish and stand up for the inalienable rights of all human beings, as Robert Mugabe did, eternally.

With your work on earth now completed, rest in eternal peace my Black Brother and Hero! And my sincerest condolences to your widow Grace, your family members and your many comrades in arms against racist injustice and the systematic subjugation of African people.
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