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She has always been a friend...
Just a friend.
Whenever she's around; time slows really down,
Almost to the point of utter nothingness.
Her presence exudes companionship,
And for that; i feel safe around her.

There we sat, on a couch; beside each other.
Eyes facing the screen right in front of us,
But minds touring through world of fantasies.
There were moments when silent words were exchanged,
But there wasn't much to talk about.
Someone had to break the crest of silence;
So i drew closer,but still couldn't utter a word.

The air-condition was at 27 degrees;
I should have been freezing.
But ironically,
I had water dripping from my skin.
Literally, i was sweating and panting like an athlete who just completed marathon in sokoto.

She stared at me,
But i couldn't do thesame.
The feeling was intense.
I felt like an employee on his first interview.
At that moment,
She ran her right hand through my head;
Pulling me closer.
Her lips within reach,
Each of them longing for a bite.

Her lips found mine first,
We exchanged fluids.
Next thing ;she pulled her inner and poured herself over me like rain.
I trembled and shaked,
As she licked me upright.
Am hard and tasty,
But she kept teasing me.

She pulled out my long staff,
but then she called it war craft,
Stroking it gently.
Each stroke in sync with the tick of the clock,
Which made me make sounds of lust.
As i pounded her mouth,
I ached to consume her.

"Its my turn now"
I minus her blouse and skirts,
Licked her body; from cleavage to abdomen.
Divided her legs,
Searching for the root of the cause.

My head got stuck in between her thighs,
Feeling her crowning point inbetween my lips.
She allowed me graze at the gate of her womanhood,
As honey dripped from her pink walls.

I made her my instrument,
Her body; a loving piano.
I played every note on her skin effortlessly,
Leading her to sensual abyss.
I moved my soft and lovely fingers,
Caressing her most delicate keys;
As she wailed and moaned.

Body clung chest to chest and skin to skin.
Now i feel like a human resource manager ready to recruit.
No longer at the employee level.

As i moulded my body along her curves,
I unveiled my mission in a low tone.
"let my captain sail across your calm ocean in search of pleasure rather than treasure."
With these words still in my mouth,
My one eyed pirate leaped into her ocean without a ship.

"i asked that you sail and not swim.
 where is your ship?" she asked moaning and groaning in sweet ecstacy.
"hence there is no shark in your ocean,
I won't be needing a ship"; i responded thrusting in and out gently and with passion.

"Your compass points west;
Why not let your captain sail West?"
She said staring at me with a soothing smile.
She drifted from underneath me like jelly fish; bending over in front of me and placing her behind right in front of my war craft.

It was like mortar and pistle.
"Pound me,
Don't set me free.
Why not dig a little deeper?"
All these she rightly said, in gratitude.
With my hands on her waist so firm,
I forgot my manstick in her warm jacuzzi,
Applying more power with a deeper attitude.

When it was finally done,
We laid in sweat and ecstacy; full of pleasure.
Wrapped in each other's arms untill night became day.
She slept wearing the biggest of my shirts.
With a gentle kiss,
I awakened her.
She held my hand in her warm palm,
Then gradually opened her eyes with a glowing smile.

Our eyes fixed on each others',
Trying to read minds.
She got up, kneeling on the couch and crawling towards me while ị stood in front of her.
She placed her head on my chest with her hands wrapped round me.
That moment, I felt something.
Something I've not felt in a long while..

Now My heart is swollen.
I wonder if its true love.
I seriously think I've fallen,
Its obvious am Inlove.
Written by Prinx
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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