Hundreds of thoughts dancing in my head,
I want to make love wildly with a dead
And for thinking this thought I'm not sorry,
Cause it's only a thought, not my story.

I'm a magnet to the trouble and misery,
And I want to be hated by history,
Share the cake you hungry whore,
Well sorry, I didn't mean it, and he swore.

cigarette, drugs, and pancakes,
Mistakes and conspiracy is what I make,
Call me a greedy or hungry whore, I don't care,
Cause just like you, your words don't matter anywhere.

Dinner only for a winner,
Heaven for a sinner,
Tell truth to a deceiver,
Kiss the murderer,
And kill the lover.

Darling sweetheart,
I can't sleep, my mind is disturbed,
Love me, talk to me, I beg you, let's restart ,
Our life and your ignorance is not what I deserve.

My eyes are thirsty,
I soaked a lake but I'm still thirsty-thirsty,
I ate all the ice cream and drowned myself in the gutter so dirty dirty,
I divided my sadness into a number thirty thirty,
But I'm still hungry,
Sex to chocolate and chocolate to drugs,
I even swallowed cockroaches and bugs,
But nothing seems to satisfy me,
Hunger is taking over me and I'm lusting after everything,
I'm starving, give me something-something ,
Or I'll chew your lips to the tongue, oh Darling Darling.
Just a pretty and innocent face,
But a coldest and greedy bitch,
Wearing Beautiful and expensive dress,
But she has an ugly soul like a wicked witch,

Believe in God but I left him
Cause he doesn’t love me or help me in achieving my dreams,
He doesn't even stop the sickness which is making me ill,
So I moved on from this story of one side love and I think it's much better to do as you will even if it is evil

I'll die an ugly death,
Cannot run away from my fatal fate,
Always in the hungry state,
I'm frustrated and my heart is full of hate,
Well well well,
So the question arises,
Who created this hungry starving, monster,
Manipulation, betrayal, and torture,
So materialistic want everything,
Wanna live like a queen who slaughtered the king,
But the most wanted is a suicide pill,
Don't tell me to chill, I have free will,

Give me the money,
Feed me the honey
Give me cockroaches, bugs and rats,
Gold silver and cats,
I want everything, cause I'm hungry to death,
Nothing can fulfill my hunger,
Nothing can satisfy me, I tried it enough longer,
Now I won't stop myself,
I'll not even ask for peace or help.
Written by Hypodermicsally
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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