The Seduction of Nothing

you magnificent
come over here  
and kiss me
like you mean it  
right on the lips  
so I can taste you  
your iron dread †
washing over my tongue †
bitter with a hint †
of sweet †
like a kumquat †
thatís as ripe as itís ever  
going to be †

donít be shy now  
youíve never hidden  
your textbook demands  
from me before †
donít start now  
thereís so much more  
for you to do  
to me  
to stand  
at your rightful place  
seated at the throne  
of my crown  
come here and collect  
your full-bodied satisfaction  
at my  
awkward †
my inauspicious †
my gurgling belly †
rumbling †
where the fuck are you?  
have I not worshipped you?  
have I not sacrificed all I am  
to you faithfully †
all these years?  

surely when Darkness came †
to visit my cluttered mind  
full of all my yesterdays  
and leftover trash †
useless and towering †
over me,  
to come crashing down †
around my head †
like the hallways †
at my mamaís house  
after you had taken †
everything else from her  
her need to keep every †
sacred momento of her days  
teetering precariously †
over us all †
you didnít let him scare you off,  
did you?  
I mean, oh the irony  
Fear is afraid of the Dark?  

come back to me  
so I can feel something †
anything is better †
than this  
heís awful company †  
your arch-enemy;  
his apathy wrapped in †
a black box †
with a black bow  
made from whispers  
in my clammy ears  
telling me I donít need you †
donít need anything or anyone  
reminding me †
thereís a dark bliss †
to floating along †
on this lazy river †
going nowhere but to the  
very end †
Iím afraid of him;  
terrified of his seduction †
laying here all these nights †
wrapped in his silky arms †
his kisses to my temples  
luring me deeper †
into his embrace  

so bring your vibrant †
and overwhelming ass  
back over here †
and grab me by the face  
push me into the wall  
and bite me hard  
flip me Ďround †
and penetrate me harshly  
everywhere you can find  
an opening,  
like youíve done †
so many times before  
and break this hold †
he has over me †
before Iím  
and canít find my way  
back to you  
come fuck me up  
and bring the panic  
with a side dish  
of piping hot Everything  
let me have it all  
until I gorge myself full  
and let me tell him goodbye  
before itís too late  
for us both  
you are the devil I know  
and he is the devil I love  
but I wonít survive  
so come back, Anxiety  
and kiss me  
like you mean it  
Written by LunaGreyhawk
Published | Edited 10th Sep 2019
Author's Note
An ode to Nothingness.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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