A Conversation with the Far Eastern Star Walker

I am of the stars of the far east
I come to you in peace
I give you the light of oneness
Peace and serenity are my friends
Sit with me and share in the calm  
We are of all the same dust
Free will is our trust
I have lived a thousand lifetimes
And will live a thousand more
My existence is endless
My wisdom is of many
I share my presence with you freely  
Let me hold you completely  
Your attention is not my own
It is just for you to loan
Let us chat for awhile
Exchange knowing smiles
I give you my trade secrets
The serpent of tranquility
Let it rise within you
To a higher existence  
Engimatic energy taps into your soul
And now you have seen it and now you know
All that has been created is by your own hand
This is the promise of the holy land
Allow yourself to believe so you can achieve
Whatever you think and so it will be
A resurrection from thoughts
Manifested by emotions  
This is the triangle of power
The all knowing lotus flower
Know it, be it, live it
That is the master plan
Only the wise will understand  
Walk with me and you can see for yourself  
The all knowing gift we all possess
Let me show you the proof of this plan  
It is everywhere all across the land  
Find it in a newborn's breath
Feel it in an old man's prayer
See it in the smiles of children  
Hold it close to your heart  
It is the power within that exists in us all
It is the gift of imagination that is the source of all creation
Yet don't let it become worldly abominations
Heed this warning now
That proof is everywhere too
Find it in the newborn's helpless cry
Feel the sadness of the old man's ply
See the children weeping
Hold your broken hearts
When we plant seeds of negativity
We grow a garden of misery
The war, the hate, the greed are all seeds
It's time humanity must kill the weeds  
Let love be the power you use the most
Spread it far and wide beyond the horizon  
That is the key to the promise land
Separated we fall but united we stand  
I am of the stars of the far east
I come to you in peace
My love for you is great  
Let your love be even greater
Written by SexyInkMaster
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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