Twas the greed of a wizard and evils black hold.
That conjured the demon’s to gather pure gold.
Beyond the dark kingdom to distant places on earth.
Their treasures were plundered such things of great worth.
On the end of all roads where they meet and divide.
Three fates had been joined whose wish was to hide.
Against the evening and cold they sat by the fire.
And like the charred wood souls burned with desire.
One breached silence gulf by a tragic confession.
Robbed was his fleshed spirit replaced by obsession.
“In those years I was young attending my herd.
When from skies came a beast swooped like a bird.
My family destroyed my camels my home.
Into a lost world I then wandered alone.
For what it had taken I’ll do just the same.”
He ended his tale while watching the flame.
 Another younger and strong and bitter with age.
His words were of thunder that quaked with his rage.
 “Against an army of dragons rode gallant knights.
Attack was their cry to somber last rites.
Died were the brave alive stayed the weak.
Tis the man I once was whose courage I seek.”
The words that he spoke had made his heart worn.
Still the warrior within sought the nobler reborn.
No longer withdrawn spoke the last of the three.
A warrior woman who dared flaunt her beauty.
“Revenge,” She wailed, “ how deeply it dwells.
The course that it guides is pathways to hell.
You seek a beast’s corpse to make your lives whole.
To feed well the flesh and quench a parched soul.”
Enraged men quickly drew swords to her chest.
“Pardon,” she said, “and be still for the rest.
Twas the price on the head of the sorceress I tried.
Her keep was a mountain at its peak she resides.
I did what none could and charmed my way near.
She believed my desire for the evil winged seer.
Blind are the lonely seeking love-tainted lust.
For the sins of the flesh reveal a fools trust.
I gave her my love with the thrust of my knife.
 And rode with her down to the last of her life.
A foul curse faintly sworn amidst final pleasure.
“May thee never know peace nor gather up treasure.”
I’m the hunter who’s hunted nay the devil’s assassin.
Ahead of a promise kept by the dead witch’s dragons.”
Touched on her secret while ignoring his own.
The knight laughed when he said in a mockingly tone.
“More in common are we and what beats in our heart.
Tis the end of these demons that our lives may then start?
I’d seen a legion take aim made barely a scratch.
What make thee so sure that we are their match?”
“With this,” came her answer as she withdrew her stained blade.
“Tis the witches own blood,” she proudly displayed.
“They’ll share in her death as her blood breaks their skin.
Where arrow, lance and sword can proceed deeper in.”
“Have you a plan?” The other man said.
“Tis not enough woman to wish them all dead.”
She spoke of the beasts their lair and the gold.
Of magic and spells and fortunes foretold.
And what they should do and what they should not.
The trio departed to vanquish evil’s mascot.
Arriving far to the west at the parting sunshine.
A mountainous rock blocked the last tick of time.
Each step was soul searched along the long trip.
Death’s heavy stench flavored the marauders cursed lip.
Foreboding and empty like a freshly dug grave.
Was the home of the beast a deep black rocky cave.
Colder than ice and darker than night.
Screams within cowards who brave whips of fright.
Twas not fire that glowed but the cast of his eye.
Watching trespassers move to gold caskets nearby.
“Run!” the three screamed when the gold box was taken.
Praying to God their souls weren’t forsaken.
The conjured up creature closed closely behind.
The opening, the ledge, their positions to find.
The bearer of gold ran sharp to the left.
The knight sank low in a hollowed out cleft.
With the knife caked with blood she stabbed the beast’s side.
Her sword then went deep in the wound in its hide.
Quickly the strike quickly it died.
Quick was another that rushed back inside.
Awash in her blood as she lay on the ground.
Her blood choked her words in her blood she had drowned.
“Set free of her curse I too shall this night.”
The warrior found courage found reason to fight.
Motioned to stay he went in alone.
To face down his fear and sins to atone.
Groping the dark beyond a faint glow.
Keeping in check that his weakness won’t grow.
A living nightmare free from nighttime’s sought rest.
Twas a broods devils mother atop her spawns nest.
Clutching her eggs in a cradle of bones.
Around sharp jagged rocks and mold covered stones.
Fire tainted breath blazed at his shield.
The knife in his belt stayed safe and concealed.
A single strong strike the nest opened wide.
Her children unborn rolled off to the side.
A second’s distraction a second too long.
The knife pierced her scales in a thrust hard and strong.
He planted his sword and watched her life end.
After smashing the eggs he returned to his friend.
Warriors wealthy in spirit and wealthy in gold.
Fleeing before another discovered with all they could hold..
Mythical dragons exist for legends to kill.
So once had it been and forever it will.
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