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Quiet and shy, he always walked past me head down with an awkward...”hi”, a one hand wave anti social butterfly. He’d never say it to your face but he wrote things his mind could never erase, on my way home from work we passed again...I smiled and waved, a slight unamused grin, headphones covering his ears although I’m not sure of what chord or hook, as he passed I heard something fall and noticed he’d dropped his writing book. Thinking to myself I can just give it back tomorrow and it’ll be okay, I’ll wait for him right here til he comes by...that’ll be my good deed for today.  
While waiting for him to synchronically come around this corner I randomly became nosy, so I scrolled through a couple pages of the book but my eyes got a little too cozy. He wrote about a girl he passed in the same spot at the same time everyday and how everytime he saw her he wanted to fuck her in a different way, how’d he pump her pussy up and pipe her pussy down, tie her up on all 4’s with a gagball around her mouth to roll off any sounds. How he’d spread her ass slow devouring her fat pussy from the back, licking from where her stickiness dwells all the way up to the crack, how when her clit is erect in full he’ll pull out another tool...or more like a “device” which is twice as nice to help assist him in what he’s about to do.  
He then went on to mention a butt plug in her ass...a trick involving a spatula, clothespin, hot candle wax and string but now I see him coming towards me so I gotta read fast.Removing the restraints to lift her with both hands against the wall, his dick being a barrier inside her for the prevention of falls, fucking her with his left middle finger in her hole stroking her pussy with prime precision and rhythm pulling the presence from her soul. Now on the floor in a 3point stance the story seems to get a little more advanced, filling her up so much pleasure listening to what her body needs as she screams, now face down bent over the couch “Yes daddy” I whisper to myself starting to feel my own pussy cream.  
Finally now she’s about to cum and I cannot wait to see how he finishes the job, I flip the page, he’s getting closer, a picture captures my eye...a drawing of a woman in some abstract position, kitty dripping vivid colors with so many cum pools as she’s suspended in air.....”Hey you dropped your book yesterday and I didn’t want to just leave it there, I waited right here to give it back (Lord I hope he didn’t catch me reading it”) I said with a quick prayer. “You read it didn’t you?” he said to me with a look of anguish across of his face, “Who me? Na pshhhh it just stayed on my dresser all damn day”...”If you read it just tell me, don’t judge me I just like to pretend....” but before he could finish I snatched the book and ran, I HAD TO SEE HOW THAT SHIT ENDS!!
Written by Calligraphee
Published | Edited 9th Sep 2019
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