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Letting Go..

Suffer in silence
Sleep through the violence
Trying to find a way out…

No, I'm not perfect
But I swear that I'm worth it.
I'm missing peace right now..

Can't say I never loved you
After all that we have been through
We got to this point, how?

Now I'm sitting all alone
No one tried to hit my phone..

I guess that's just how it goes.

That's why I can't fall in love
Because everybody switches up

I can't mess with all you foes.

I can't even keep my friends around,
Another bridge burned to the ground.

This shit just keeps on adding up,
I've finally had more than enough.

That's why I stay to my damn self,
Because y'all are to selfish for my help.

Tender hearts turn corrupt,
Tears turn to ashes..
No one wants to see me cry,
As the time keeps slowly passing..

No one cares about my downfalls,
My fears or my dreams..
They only care about my weakness,
Spitting on my self esteem.

I've always been a shoulder,
A confidant to those in need.
Yet my soul is so misunderstood,
I have no place to lean.
Everyone disappears,
While I'm drowning in the deep.

I have major trust issues..
My pureness is tarnished.
I can't be myself,
Without being honest.

Used and thrown away,
Like the garbage of yesterday.
When all I've ever wanted,
Was for someone to look my way.

Tell me it's gonna be okay,
Without it being a lie.
Without the anxiety,
Of being left wondering why.

Living on hope though,
It's so hard to stay positive.
Laying down in my bed,
My emotions are unbottling.

Comfortably numb..
Another shadow on the sun..

It's like I'm a magnet,
To all the chaos and commotion.
To the minimally devoted.
I forgive but can't forget,
No words go unnoted.

I have to keep the tv on,
So the voices don't take control.
Replaying every encounter,
Solace, I hardly know.

So use to the let downs,
Drama and arguments.
Preying on my kindness,
Like I'm some kind of target.

It doesn't matter how bad I'm hurt,
Because the only time they truly care..
Is when my face is on a shirt.
Watching me get lowered,
Six feet down in the dirt..

But I keep fighting everyday,
To focus on myself.
Keep the good vibes rolling,
Working on my mental health.

I've been through to much,
To let my ship sink.
It's my time rise above
Try not to overthink.

It's easy to get lost,
In what I already know.
Keep smiling through the pain,
& Let the past go.

Don't hold on to heartache,
Keep your mind right.
Don't let anyone,
Diminish your fight.

Because even a thunderstorm,
Comes to an end.
& Life will keep going,
So a new chapter can begin.
Written by CJKay
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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