Now and not then.

Dearest V.                      
I knew once I saw you.                      
I hadn’t been underground for 600 days                      
and 600 nights.                      
Only God knows how many different aMUSEments                      
you were dipping your ink into.                      
Forfeiting all blame                      
you confess: "Just a man after all..."                      
Remember, darling?                      
We are supposed to meet now and not then.                      
I recognize you immediately...                      
for your words erupt like quicksand beneath my feet                      
sinking me into the deep like no other.                      
I meant what I said before...                      
cross over that bridge and find me when you're ready.                      
Our souls have already met a lifetime ago and made love,                      
leaving our future so simple now and uncomplicated.                    
Dancing blindly                  
until we get things right.                      
Will I recognize love?                      
Yes, that's why my shadow traces in step with yours.                      
It may not be the love on television.                
Black and white.                      
It may be the shared kind.                      
Our favourite kind.                      
Drifting alone once more,                   
I wait for you...                     
despite your selfish brooding                      
inside these walls of despair                      
in that hallow cave shrouded in darkness.                      
Once your ink touches mine,                      
all is right in our fragile, little world.                  
All is much brighter.                      
Resign yourself freely                      
for I am young and I am tough.                      
I can take you on, old man                      
and I plan to                      
for I am stubborn as a mule.                      
So go on, darling,                      
nonchalantly so                      
in your cold, calculative demeanor                      
demand no                        
attachments between us.                      
Wail against the fates or                      
storm against the heaven or hell                      
that brought us to this point in our story...                      
This is it, my darling.                      
We have poetry and love to make together.                      
This is us.                      
Not just here in the depths of the deep.                      
Someday, I will be topless,                      
lying next to you in the daylight                      
as you read aloud to me                      
and I stroke you gently for inspiration.                      
Am I ashamed?                      
My scars signify my struggle.                      
and I carry them with me,                      
exposing them to few.                      
Only revealing old wounds now and then                      
to the one's like you, darling,                      
who are willing to look closely                      
and see the beauty                      
inside peeled blisters of skin.                      
I do not expect you to fully grasp                      
the measure of what is happening now.                      
Do not fear, my love.                      
We have been here before                      
and it will keep on                      
like an endless ripple.                      
Until we meet again                      
and get it right...                      
Written by LostGirl18
Author's Note
Inspired by his love of an untold story.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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