Broken Women

We’ve lost good women                                        
to The Battle of BROKEN                                            
dropped their shields                                            
gripped their heels                                            
got tired of hopin’                                            
lost too many women                                            
lost too many women                                            
crossed when they driven                                            
torn when they were givin’                                            
scarred till they were hidden                                         
till death do they part                                          
fists bleed from broken mirrors                                            
like her shattered heart                                        
she grieves till it gets clearer                               
but than it’s back at start                                       
her friends told her to leave him                        
but she couldn’t break her vows                      
with his ring around her neck                        
where do we draw the line between commitment and self-respect?          
what type of image is she trying to project?        
her daughter paints pictures        
of her in black and blue                                            
told her teachers that home                                            
was the fucking zoo                               
he gave her flowers              
to say he’s sorry                                            
only while she’s half buried                                          
in the bathroom floor                                          
there is only so much shit a woman can endure                                            
No more!      
I’ve brought some women back to LIFE                  
when they thought their only option                        
was a kitchen knife                                            
when they thought they wouldn’t make it through the night                                            
you don’t know what love is                            
what having to step over a trail of blood is  
what having to pull her body in depression out of a tub is                          
It’s not enough to call her beautiful              
when she’s been beaten and branded         
when he’s cheating and candid                                       
I’ve spent so much time                                            
mending malice,                                          
sucking poisons out of women’s lips so they could speak of their passions again                                          
so they can be strong                                        
if they ever pass him again                                        
nearly lost a good woman to The Battle of Broken                                        
stepped in made her feel like a token                                            
complimented depths that were never once spoken                                            
first time her daughter actually saw her smiling and joking                    
Lost too many women                                            
Lost too many women                                            
had to cross so many women                                            
hold them in my linen                                            
show them they’re a vision          
give them new provisions                               
free them from their prisons                                         
Till we’ve won that fucking Battle of Broken             
IG: Nourish_Cruz
Written by 1Docmcruz (Nourish Cruz)
Published | Edited 14th Sep 2019
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