We are not in Kansas anymore. When we looked through our window, the cloud has touched the ground mixing with the dust. They picked up speed going round and round as they become one and move closer. The hollow screeching sound of the wind rumbling our house, we rush to make it outside. But as we opened the front door, the tornado has swung us off the ground. We clench on to anything we could find as our feet is in the air when the power of the wind lifted us from the floor. Everything we hold dear being dismantled brick by brick as we are inside the eye of the tornado and all we could do is scream.

When the dust settled, we went outside. It was dead silent. We dug both ears to let it hear something. We looked around to see a graveyard of worn out cloths, mountains of them. The sky is as blue as the ocean but the sun hidden by a white cloud. From a distance, there is smoke coming out of what it looks like a factory. As we got closer, we saw a lion, a tin man, and a scarecrow, all wearing grey overalls hammering away at peoples bones, turning it to weapons. As we start walking up the stairs, we could hear helpless screams of a man and woman begging to be free from below. On the top floor, we snuck in and managed to see who is on the other side. There she is, the wicked witch of the world. She has conquered all realms and sits comfortably on her iron throne surrounded by her flying monkeys. Drinking away her red wine as she looks through her crystal ball planning her next poison.

So yes, we are not in Kansas anymore. But, it is worse than Dorthy's fate. There are no munchkins to welcome us to the new world, no yellow brick road to follow, and no ruby red slippers to take us back home. But the silver lining? Be the yellow brick road you walk on, be the munchkins to stay strong. Frame your slippers to not forget where you came from and learn to have a heart, to have courage, and a brain that talks when needed.
Written by LUUH19 (Emeraldia)
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