Do This

in Remembrance of Me    
I still don't know      
what took me so long        
  to understand why             
I remember it like yesterday—      
   Eucharist; eschewing        
         processed wafers      
   for freshly baked bread;        
I was so proud of myself—        
  it's golden skin perfect        
  When the service ended        
I was presented the remains—        
  that leftover body of Christ        
  without any instructions        
Freezing didn't seem right;      
  eating wasn't appropriate—        
dipped in soup, or meat        
   masticated between two limbs      
The only thing that seemed natural      
  was nature—laying it gently        
  in the meadow, her fall sun      
     baking it a deeper hue        
It was a peaceful moment—      
  Jesus amid creation's beauty:      
    flowers, wind, Autumn gold        
I was so proud of myself        
 smiling while sipping tea      
Then came crows—      
  a murder ripping its flesh        
with their merciless beaks;        
it was horrific—      
  the crucifixion of an angry mob      
My tea cup broke at the drop               
Some things don't come with a manual   
  nor answers right after-the-fact;        
but, are learned through regret—        
  the kind that remains        
  decades strong        
Then one day it arrives—      
 this soft mirrored reflection:        
humankind lined at the altar      
  grasping for flesh        
and blood of absolution        
  over something they'd done             
 Love requires no sacrifice    
this I've always innately known        
  nor symbolic proof—      
only us, un-crucifying ourselves      
  for human mistakes        
In one epiphanous second      
  I understood why—      
I wasn't so proud of myself then        
  never took eucharist again        
This I do    
        in remembrance of . . .    
Written by Ahavati
Published | Edited 16th Sep 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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