Born Hater

There is nothing in me
That wants to keep,
Any warm in this mud
Is floating above
While im looking around
Im sinking deep down!

Now i killed your mood
So we can talk this truth.

I hate everyone, and i mean it
No one around is seeing shit
Everyone is just laughing so carelessly
In front of the poor with a cruel destiny

So would you mind telling me what's so funny ?
Maybe the problem comes from me,
But I'm tired of hearing fairytails
About a bearded man curing fears

The only thing that needs to be cleansed
Isn't the two legged
But the true treasure below
That cries volcanoes sometimes

So much beauty wasted
Just for some selfish meatheads
Running around wondering
Why the fuck are they running

Oh and don't think I'm any better
I've had my fair share of human culture
Families not caring about each other
Kids thrown around just so the parents can remain a couple.

I might wanna say fuck that
But i won't, i don't have to
I figured what we deserve
Misery, regret, suffocation.

Remember when you were happy ?
Oh yea I'm sure you do
Remember her loving touch?
Come on don't play the fool!
Remember countless nights together not doing much ?

Feel this warm fire beneath?
Now spit it out and step on it!
No don't cry or anything!
Just put on a smile, woala now this is life!

I hate all of it, but i hate myself the most
My childish thinking put Jesus Christ
on the cross
But i had love, so i had faith
Turns out it was just another thing to hate.

And that's the moment when you know we're screwed
When our children have to throw all this good
All of their caring feelings just down the gutter
And now you ask them what could be their big problem?

I hate it, i hate sunsets filled with dreams,
I hate to wake up realising!
I hate broken families not caring about the kids!
I hate teachers, preachers with selfish needs!
I hate empty goodbyes, meaningless kisses!
I hate freedom, equality, cruelty, but the most
I hate love!

I hate my body and soul
Basically i hate home!
I don't care about you all
Fuck this beautiful sink hole...
Written by Guts
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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