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In My Feels.

You see me, you can see the real ness, I canít breathe. What is It that youíre doing to me? Got me feeling ways that i shouldnít, doing things I use to say that I just wouldnít. Got me wondering what you doing at all hours. yeah, I wanna rain on ya parade but Iíll shower you with affection, so donít weather this storm, know you got all my attention. You may just be my blessing so Iím just going with the flow, girl donít lose control, just see where this goes. Ya tu sabes. If you donít speak Spanish, It means you already know. You know when you hit my line, I will come every single time. You working hard on your grind, donít worry about me, Iíll be fine, Iím more focused on seeing you shine. Youíre a star. Out of this world, not from this planet. You keep rooting around in the garden of my soul, then you gone see, I might just let you get lucky enough to plant ya seed. You breaking my walls down, too late to turn back now, thinking back on the when, where and how, but I donít really care, Iím just living Iím the moment, Iíve been searching for what Iím missing and you seem like the key component. We ainít gotta do It big, so long as you calm, Iím chill. I do what you want and what I donít, for you, I will. Long as you on my side, itís a done deal if my heart was a base then I see why you decided to steal. Trying not to drive you off in a hurry, so Iím trying to take It slow, want to make you crave me, come find out how savory, just a little taste of me right quick so you know that Iím not knavery. Your vibe is unreal. Canít be replicated, canít be faked, you do things in just one take. I wanna pick your brain, maybe give a little too, trying to get on the same mindset as you. Come rest your head, just get in my bed and let me take all your stresses away. Promise that I donít plan on leading you astray. Wasnít expecting you to be so cool. Something keeps saying itís too good to be true but if this is wrong, then fuck it, I donít want to be right. Trying to sip you like a sippy, put me in place if I get lippy, Iíll put on a show, when you ready just let me know. Infatuated with your passion, love It when you taking action, so just take control, cause I canít tell you no. You float my boat. No, Iím not sea sick, your oceans motion ainít no secret, you mad wavy. I can be the best decision that youíll never end up regrettin, Iíll put money on it, Donít gamble but yeah Iím bettin. so if itís chances youíre giving, then those odds, Iím taking. You seem worth the risk, might finally find some peace and true bliss. I wonder when youíre sleepin, is It me thatís got you dreamin? Trying to play It cool but you just so damn smooth. Devine intervention must have heard my prayers, here you came out the blue. Like a drug, Iím addicted, yo Iím feening you. If you let me, I plan on snatching your soul like the devil snatches sinners, or how Jesus snatches winners, the same way a hungry person eats up that chicken dinner. Like a really good movie, Iím so into the reels, Iím stuck on stupid, Iím in my feels.  
Written by fvcks0ci3ty (Tiffanie)
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