As she walked out of the house her mind was on only one thing, doing the wash. She wasn't surprised to find a fire already built with plenty of wood piled up.He always made sure that these things were done to make her job easier. She still would have to haul some water, but he had plenty to get her started. She smiled as she thought of surprising him with a special lunch, maybe she would kill a chicken and fry it up for him. He really loved her fried chicken. As she moved around the wash pot and her tin washing tub, she hummed as she watched him walk up and down that field. It was as if he never got tired, one row after the last. This was his way of thinking and providing for his family. She smiled again thinking of how he provided for them. He worked his own land til no end and rented himself out during slow times. He walked all through the surrounding countryside to ensure there was always plenty to eat and share with others. He manage some how to keep them out of debt, if they couldn't afford it, it stayed put. As the children began coming outside and chipping in with the wash. She had time to kill and pluck that chicken for lunch.She walked back and forth to her washing as she put on her pots. The children were like little soldiers moving about their work. If every thing was finished in time today, she may whip up something sweet for after dinner. She caught herself staring across the field at him marching behind his plow. She thought to herself, my man, that made her heart feel full. Because it was true, He was all hers and no one else's. She smiles again to herself, maybe she would spritz on something sweet smelling after the children were off to bed. Yes, today would be a good day, and tonight would be better.
As he trudged up the rows behind his plow, his mind was usually calculating life itself. But today she was out in the yard doing wash and she became his every thought. He was double timing it away from the house, so that he could take his time on the march back. He could look at her for the rest of his life and not blink once. Although poorly educated, with her by his side it was never an issue. He loved the way that she cared for him. It was as if she never tire, between the house and the children, she was constantly moving. From the bottom his heart he appreciated everything that she did. The way that she kept their house and the way that she took care of the children. Just look at them all over there. They were moving about like an ant mound, each one knew his or her job.They were focus on getting the job done as a unit. He really was going to do something special for her, maybe he could get her something from the general store, heck something really special if she fix some of her fried chicken today.. He paused long enough to wipe the sweat from his brow, he also took the time to look at her sashaying around in that dress. Goodness that woman could move in a dress, just watching her move about made his heart swell. He looked over at her and thought, my woman,. It made him smile, because it was true, she was all his. Maybe tonight after finishing all of his chores, he would go down to the creek for a bath. Yes tonight would be a good night for a shave and some sweet smelling stuff.The mule was pulling good and the plowing was steady. Yes today would be a good day, and tonight would be better        
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