Unfair Play.

A painful throb sets when you're here  
And you're with me all damn day  
A phantom against my ear  
Waging war until we play  

The more I try to ignore  
You poke at me until I’m sore  
Forcing the spread of shaking legs  
Readying to show you how I pour  
Screaming, "No, please  
I cant!"  
You stand there  
As I pant  
Heart racing  
You build so much  
Torturing sickly  
With persistent touch  
Lick and bite me while you explore  
Every hole your craving adores  
Catching my heart shaped wet between teeth  
Sucking, nibbling, licking  
Moaning as you eat  
Panting again  
Heart racing again  
Oh god… oh god!  
Will he finish to the end?  
Shaking I cover my screaming mouth  
And you stop to pull your fingers out  
Holding my hands above my head  
"Do that again and I'll tie you to the bed..."  
I moan in frustration and whimper submission  
You stalk every inch of me, tirelessly on a mission  
Licking and nipping skin all the way down  
Now wild mewling shakes my moral ground  
By this time, my seeping heart has swelled twice the size  
So you clutch her in your mouth and take her for a ride  
The bath on your face splashes as I rock the joints  
Headboard making holes in the drywall as I hoist  
Grinding hard, but you’re locked like a pitt gripping  
Sucking so good, you’ve got every permission  
I saw the means of creation  
Colors blending, forming life's denomination  
Electric, alive, and ever-flowing energy  
Vision was just another form and I couldn’t see  
You took it from me  
Ripped my skin from this plane  
Rose me with exploding pleasure  
Crashing waves of flowing pain  
Screaming, hands held into place  
Clutching at the iron leaves  
Trying to force them to obey  
I released  
And relearned to breathe  
Forgetting again when you unsheathed…  
All day...  
All day...  
All muthaf***in day  
I could delete you from my life  
But from mind...  
Who can really say?
Written by BabydoII (Itty Bitty)
Author's Note
All is fair in love and.... well you know. Sorry for the disappearing act, but I had a deadline and I get distracted easily!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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