on being govern'd by a naked equilibrium

moonlight tangled itself      
with the rubric writings      
branded down my right      
side..across my      
canvass'd back      
..around my left areola      
turbulent but sweetly      
then i remember what      
my eternally  gift’d      
parables interpretes:      
Am only to be tolerated      
but not meant for being      
loved - good enough      
to be filled nor lifted into      
emotionally kink'd -
i had  almost forgotten
their meanings ..i never
wanted to believe in
them, but surely believe  
and perhaps i know why      
because humans are      
instinctively afraid,      
maybe even feel      
a sense of defeat by that      
they cannot understand      
-an intrapersonal thought slithers over      
my brain, over my skin, leaving a thin vellum      
sheet of dew, i shiver as if an Tibetan      
vibrational tune -    
bringing to mind a behavioral study on the      
soul of plants and flowers which cross'd      
my pathe a few years ago,      
call’d “____ _______ __ _____.”      
in the seventies, one article was private      
published in ___ proclaiming that plants talk,      
they not only talk but they scream, they      
stoically bear pain and accept misfortune.      
- reading reading this observation contoured    
primrose rings out of my lungs -    
the article stated that a barley      
sprout, attached to very sensitive electronic      
equipment, cried out when its roots were      
plunged into hot water. …  sound was      
registered by the electronic instrument      
attached to the barley sprout, also unveiled      
was a  ___ ______ __ _____ on a broad      
paper band.      
the recording pen zigzagged crazily out of      
blackened lines of confinement, documenting      
the agonising death throes of the      
barley sprout. ..telling those conducting this      
experiment what was happening.      
. .there are not many differences tangoing between      
them(plants, flowers, ect) and i ... yet, such variegated strains  
of contrast are illumed and illustrated between us and the
others (our experimenters) ...
Written by HowlingWhelms (Noire)
Author's Note
look away...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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