Russia bombs an America that has disarmed - due to the lie (that Russia was going democratic) told by Gorbachev !! Boy, was that a big lie or what ??!!
 How does the USA believing that lie result in Russia being able to bomb America - without being destroyed by our retaliatory strike ??!!
The idea is that (1)we believed the lie so (2)we acted on that belief by DISARMING steadily for over 30 years !!
So (3) our arsenal has shrunk down to next to NOTHING !!
We have only 1/9 of the arsenal we once had !!
 That's about ten % !! Get that into your head - our arsenal is as good as GONE !!!
The Russians have shared their plans with the radical Arabs/Muslims.
So naturally the Arabs really expect to triumph over Israel once America has been reduced to a "basket case" - no longer a superpower.
Once America has been "knocked off," ISRAEL will be isolated totally.
No friends at all. But the Jews who read their Bibles know ahead of time about that crisis.
They are UNAFRAID !! For the Bible predicts just such a desperate situation.
It says GOD ALMIGHTY will PERSONALLY intervene on behalf of His BABY - little ISRAEL !!
 Yes, it will be dramatic when the Messiah APPEARS IN THE SKY OVER JERUSALEM ("the Mt of Olives," Zechariah 14.1-4,7).
The Russian troops in Israel will switch sides, going over to Christ's side.
He sends them home "to proclaim God's GLORY," (Isaiah 66.19) the glory of the SECOND COMING which they will have just seen right before that - the glory of "the divine light at night" (Zechariah 14.7).
It will be a repeat of Acts 9.3(New Testament) where Christ appeared in the sky to (Christ-hating) Saul of Tarsus and turned him into Paul the APOSTLE of Christ.
The Paul-like Russian soldiers will overthrow the Russian gov't of ANTICHRIST GORBACHEV !!
 Yes, you heard it, i said old man GORBACHEV IS THE ANTICHRIST.
 Why do i say that?? Because he made peace (THE peace) which led to America's foolish disarmament binge.
Thus Gorbachev fulfilled these words about the Antichrist:"by peace he will destroy many (millions)" (Daniel 8.25, King James Version).
Written by joegracegrace (Joe Grace)
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