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And How

And how I took    
that one guy’s virginity
I let him fumble  
enjoyed his suffering,  
his sweet inexperience    
those awkward movements  
lit me up like the dash of a car    
about to leave you stranded  
feeling the rush of warmth  
between my curvy thighs    
and the pulse of my need    
beating in rhythm    
with his quickened breaths  
the wordless prayers  
he whispered and grunted  
to whatever god    
would grant him access  
to what lay inside    
my red satin panties  
the ones I bought  
in mockery of the sweet  
he so wanted me to be  
and how I pushed away  
his greedy, sticky hands  
his slick sweaty palms  
and showed him what happens    
when a goddess grabs    
the cosmos and hands you   
all it’s hot, wet secrets  
and I watched    
with rapt fascination  
slightly objective observation    
his big brown eyes    
widening in surprise    
then heavy-lidded hazing  
as he realized every dream  
he’d ever had    
while watching porn  
about rooting himself    
inside a real, live pussy  
was so mind-blowingly wrong    
and how he drifted off  
that stupid, blissful face  
a face    
I instantly    
no longer held my interest  
and I was giddy  
in the worst way  
I left him curled up  
sleeping like a child    
in the backseat    
of his old hoopty  
the banana yellow    
ancient Buick land yacht    
and how I left him hanging  
when he called me the next day    
and the next day  
and the next after that    
and I smiled  
Alice’s mischevious cat    
feeling every bit    
the goddess    
he worshipped  
the temptress    
he’d come to hate    
as every day in silence    
I left his calls  
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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