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Epic called 'October'

A.October or OctoberA., was founded in November by DU Poetry. I am (we are) so happy to read his thoughts which he generously posts on this site.  

My hand quivers as I start this write: †
To express to you †
My thoughts for you †
In ink, with this pen  
How shall I put this? †
How shall I begin? †
To form the perfect words,  
As sincere as can be  
Without much inhibitions  
Pure from my heart, from me  

This write:  
I dare to write  
My thoughts once unwritten  
Am I unjust to have this view  
And post for all to see?  
Maybe, yes, maybe so †
Just sit back, relax and read.  

So I write:  
Half remembering what an Epic meant. †
Thinking, do Epics have rhyming schemes? †
Or must a story just be told? †
Wondering, how the hell am I going to write this said Epic, about someone I barely know.  

Here we go:  
I have only known OctoberA. for one month and a few days  
But he is more than a jolly good decent lad. †
OctoberA. has exponential potential and of course a great talent.  
Hoping you like the story and the flow. †
There isn't much I really know  
---unfortunately; yet. †

I know this much though:  
The man must can kiss [I mean..FUCK].  
"Dripping Lips" was pretty epic. †
In itself, what an accomplishment it was! †
Especially, since 'Dripping Lips" was A.October's first dab at an Erotic. †

My imagination was keen †
And I beamed †
At the details gleaned  
So, ehm, as I said.. †
This man must can fuck [I mean KISS].  

A.October has the power to rape †
[Yes, I bloody said rape]
Our minds and make us question our intellect. †
I speak with truth †
[At least, MY truth]
Even though some may think otherwise. †

Good for them, I suppose. †
Yet I told Alip, †
[Alistair.. yes, I'm calling you out]
That some crap  
[SHIT! yes, I bloody said S H I T!]
On DUP, gets liked and entered faster than a mind-fuck has you shitting bricks  
[crap!!] Utter crap!!  

OctoberA. is like a pure-bred.  
Pure-breds have stable stature, creed †
And of course refined pedigrees. †
More like him is what DU needs.  

Am I still writing?  
[Feels more like I'm rambling]
So on so? †
Who ruddy cares, what a Low-Life like me cares... about? †
Blah, blah, blah. †
Har, har, har. †
Shut the fuck up, you Pansy! †

No! †
No! †
No! †
Hell-fucking, No! †
This write is for October
And October, I do fancy.  

Yes, by now, I think we've gotten that much. But seriously Jordanne, you do not have to curse.  

Dearest Reader:
Yes, of course you are right. Yet passion felt when felt, whether it be in niceties or vulgarity, does not much matter. Passion is passion, expressed on the Train of Thought; the mind reasons.  

Back to October! †
Yes, October!! †
Oh damn, this man can write DEEP. †
"Lyrical Thunder" was such a wonder  
That kicked my mind and tipped my seat †  
-- back & steep.  

When did I fall  
For You  
Lyrical Thunder  

So close †
Dead End  
October's Over  

After the rain †
Words of Goodbye †
Titles on Paper  

No Easter Bunny,Nightmare †
Tired, What to do †
Empty Words  
No Longer an Anniversary, Kumiko  

Last Wish.. Last Light.. Last Happiness.. Tranquility??? †
Nothing left to me  
Who Am I †
Sunrise & Sundown  
Landscapes of Escaping Sadness  

Dripping Lips
Captured Heart †
When you look at me

Let †
me †

I've read your writes †
Most I like  
And a few I do love  

Your words take me on journey †
Far away from [Kingston] Surrey †
Where I feel like I am next to you, with you †
Rather than miles apart  
And two bodies of water away  

A.October, OctoberA.:  
Please never put down your pen †
Keep writing, typing and posting †
For I want to read your words on deeds.. †
You, before, have not yet even spoken  

So this is it:  
I ventured to write an Epic  
[Something like an Epic]  
If I may..  
Not just to write of you  
But to write a piece  
wonderful and unique  
That expressed my thoughts to you. †

For you, my Dear  
Dearest Mr. October
Keep me sober from being somber; †
From my daunting daily woes †
And tainted Tormented soul †
So sweet, you have me won over  

An [attempted] Epic written †
For I am quite smitten with Mr. October  
This is far from The Iliad  
I am no Homer.  

_______________________________________________________________ †
Your words are like licking honey  
†† † † ---mmmm, you sweet talk so well  
I am a die-hard Romantic so of course I fell...

You intrigue me, come and meet me  
†† † †---this silly Capricorn! †
We will smoke Jamaican spliffs, come and dance [SOCA] with me  
†† † †---enlighten my psyche evermore!
Written by Jordanne (RubixCube)
Published | Edited 19th Dec 2011
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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