Different Day Same Shit

happens to the best of us  

Bucko, while the rest of the world  
is driving their Chevrolets  
shopping at Wal-Mart and  
watching Friends on TV  
boarding trains of thought  
with their own carry on baggage  
oblivious of the circumstances  
you struggle to escape -  

nothing and I mean  
NOTHING is allowed in or out  
through the perimeter  
Give it up  
call it quits  
hands in the airspace;  
you're surrounded  
Sky's no longer the limit -  
it's OFF LIMITS!  
Absolutely no idealistic notions  
will be taking off or intuition  
is coming in for a landing -  
they're as good as grounded  
In fact, anything from points of  
origin considered unknown  
is unconventional and therefore  
deemed unsafe; fresh thought  
brought to a grinding halt  
as all ideas are classified  
That Memory Warehouse with  
its nostalgia you're so fond of?    
What dreams there were  
are now in Lockdown  
And what dreams may come?  
Caught in the neural network  
of victimhood, self pity, doubt;  
never getting out alive  
wiped off the face of your  
Armpit, Kentucky, USA, Earth  
by the Boys in Blue with their  
Black Helicopters  
Written by JohnnyBlaze
Author's Note
inspired by Stephen King's "Dreamcatcher"
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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