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Camp Arawak

I canít sleep, something has been keeping me awake,
Weird shitís been happening here at summer camp,
First the cook was badly burned with boiling water,
Then a kid was found drowned over by the boat ramp.
Then there are kids being complete dickheads and bullies,
Picking on smaller ones just because they like to tease,
Then there was Kenny, he was a special kind of asshole,
But they found him dead in the crapper stung by bees.
I liked Meg, she was one of the cutest camp counselors,
She dressed pretty fine and I think her family is rich,
But then I saw her picking on sweet little Angela,
Turns out that Megís a real Super Mega bitch.
And yet a couple of nights later Meg was found dead,
Stabbed in the back with a long slit along the spine,
There must be a serious murderer amongst us,
Then again itís 1983, what can I do? Iím only nine.
But wait, thereís more? Close the windows and bar the doors,
Four more kids were found in the woods hacked to death,
This serial killer donít give a fuck about children or adults,
So if you run, run for your life until youíre out of breath.
No, oh no, theyíve killed Mel the head counselor as well?
This is the stuff of nightmares, this camp is a total wreck,
Why are so many people getting slain, wait what the fuck?
They found Mel with an arrow shot right through his neck?
Oh hell no, I need to get out of here itís too fucking weird,
This murdering motherfucker is straight up on a hunt,
He donít give a fuck whether itís a man or boy a woman or girl,
Now they found Judy dead with a hot curling iron up her cunt.

As I run toward the lake to escape cus Iím feeling this kind of way,
I see Angela and Paul, another boy taking their clothes off,
But then I freeze, I want to yell but my voice wonít give way,
(I swear)
Angela has a knife and that little boy is about to get offed.

But wait, thereísÖ

Paul is frozen mesmerized by Angelaís nude body,
Sheís naughty, sheís not really innocent, it was all a ploy,
Turns out the girl had a peter (ironically her real name was Peter)
Because Angela was the killer, and she was a boy.
By the time the counselors got to the beach,
They found Angela covered in blood and naked,
All the while she hummed a tune under the pale moon
But Angela (or Peter) had already severed Paulís head.
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