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Sea of Sadness

if we could flood the earth with our tears
relinquish the tight grip held by our fears
at first itís just a stream lapping at our feet †
it feels heavenly, yet itís all so bittersweet    
but as we age, we face more heartbreak †
and behind each lesson is itís own mistake †
weíre all trying to channel our inner author †
and on this stream, we all can walk on water †
the water is shallow, rolling over pebbles †
each tear we cry comes with another level †
it builds and it builds, then it just takes over †
now itís rising up, itís almost to my shoulders †
so I paddle around in the lake of sadness †
itís heartbreaking to think of itís vastness †
a storm is brewing, a mix of emotions †
if we keep this up, weíll have another ocean †
oh, baby, did I tell you that I canít swim? †
save me now, cause itís looking kind of grim †
itís up to my chin now, getting pretty anxious †
trying to tread water, sinking to the blackness †
the sea weíve made, of all the dead love †
itís facing turmoil and the waves are rough †
how did I get here, was it the rip tide †
if only weíd have just let go of our pride †
itís over my head now, the light is fading †
i see you moving but Iím already asphyxiating  
and until my body washes up on the beach †
Iím slowly losing time and Iím out of reach †
so breathe new life into me, let me live †
I promise my gratitude wonít be all I give †
place your hands on my chest in rhythm †
we need to try and kickstart my system †
thereís noise and Iím choking on water †
I spit it out cause I canít hold it any longer †
the sun is bright, offering a new break †
I should change my ways for fuckís sake
Written by LivDiane
Published | Edited 19th Aug 2019
Author's Note
Being sad is a waste of time.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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