Thereís nothing wrong with the silence
It just makes for the crazy
Like snapping twigs, so you can make a build-your-own-prison kit
I knew the leaves were ready to fall before the branches fell off the tree
The sky was ominous
But there wasnít a cloud in sight
It was my warning

Thereís death inside, but he keeps bringing me to life
I want to stay sleeping beneath these gray skies
Iím scared of summerís open blue
In the maple rain I canít breathe
When my heart is ripped from my chest
And pumped back into a life less ordinary
Fuck the glass ceiling, my prison is a glass cage

Perfection is a wisp of smoke
I canít hold it, when it slips through my fingers as easily as a moonbeam
The night haunts me, and the daisy calls
Willing the bee back through the gates of light
Through we are creatures of darkness
Forced to live through these daylight hours
And smile upside down

Thereís insecticide in my imagination
And Iím choking on my own daydreams
Make it stop, this ticking bomb of a brain
The empty horizon is filled with thoughts
With longing, and love, and memories
ÖOf hate
Heavenís gates have closed on me

Honey sweet torture that seeps inside the cracks
Nature holds its own beauty that I can never touch
When the doors are always closing
And I am my own psychological mind-fuck
I always see it coming. The ending of the last beginning
And I never can change the way the rain falls
The maple rain, like heroin, that always leaves me wanting

ďWake upĒ I say, only I like the inner dreamscape
The one where I am in control
Where I am not a rogue wasp chasing the affections of an undead bee
Heís in my head again, calling my name
And I shatter, I scatter to the wind
I think I can run, and I think I can hide
I think that maybe this time I wonít sting or get stung

And I thinkÖ I think
That it makes no difference
Because I cannot know
I cannot stem the flow of me
Nor the truth, that love is never safe

© Indie Adams 2011
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 23rd Mar 2012
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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