Sunday Dinner

You know your trouble?              
You think too much!                  
      It's more than that mum.                  
Like what?                    
As such?                  
          's a little bit of everything                  
Like a sting, but constant                  
With sound                  
And sometimes when you're around!                  
Don't be silly!                  
I'm not, i'm just being honest                  
Feels like i've swallowed poison                  
I just can't digest.                  
I shouldn't tell you really                  
You just worry                  
Come on now, you don't need to hurry                  
Ok then, ill tell you                  
But don't get offended                  
When I say thing's you know are true.                  
Of course i won't!                  
I'm your mam                  
Here take a slice of this ham                  
And I've just prepared
some dinner
A nice joint of lamb.                  
You didn't have to                  
I wanted to, because I care                  
Your mam will always share                  
So what were you telling me about?                  
Oh that's it, self doubt                  
You've always had it                  
Nothing new                  
Now pass the sauerkraut                    
And this depressive nature?                  
You've had it before                  
What? depression?                  
Oh of course                  
And my mother, aunties, uncles                  
You know why we all got divorced.                  
That's fucked up!                  
The whole family                  
No wonder i can't just                  
Cruise along happily                  
It's fuckin all around me                  
And in my blood                  
Couldn't get along                  
Even if i could                  
Seems like I got the short straw      
I'm really trying not to let it show                  
But my heads a mess                  
And it hurts                  
Shouldn't have ate that last gherkin                  
It's gave me the burps                  
My mother loves you                  
And so do I                  
You mean nan?                  
....Yeah I know                  
She sometimes talks like she's ready                  
To die                  
She shouldn't                  
She's been so strong                  
Always been there                  
When I did everything wrong                  
Just by being there                  
And giving sound advice                  
Sometimes too honest                  
She's always made me think twice                  
You know                  
When I say something stupid                  
Like she's been there before                  
Still real and lucid.                  
She's had it rough at times                  
And brought up us lot                  
And wiped our faces                  
Covered in snot                  
Going to work everyday                  
Paying all the bills                  
Didn't want for nothing                  
We had it all                  
But no frills                  
I respect her                  
Well you should                  
She's stayed by your side                  
And would be here if she could.                
So you know your family loves you                  
Me, Kel, Nik and your dad                  
Even if you don't always get along                  
Here have a scon                  
Isn't it Scone?                  
You don't have to be alone.                  
Like i said, you think too much                  
You've gotta get out there                  
Come on, go out, tonight!                  
What are you gonna wear?                  
I can't be arsed                  
I don't like the pubs around here                  
They're all a fuckin farce                    
Oh don't be silly!                  
I'm not!                  
Can't be doin with fights                  
And drugs                  
And the punchbowl                  
It's crawling with bugs!                  
Think I want a bird                  
Not sure                  
Yeah you do!                  
It's hard to find one                  
When I'm feeling like a turd.                  
.....Suppose I'd better get off                  
I'll say ta-ta and au revoir                  
I'll leave the door open a jar                  
Hey!...gonna give your mam a cuddle                  
Oh shit, sorry..                  
That's better                  
You shouldn't be getting your head in a muddle                  
Now don't forget your coat                  
And as you go                  
Watch that puddle!                  
See you next Sunday then                  
Same time?                  
I'll sit by the clock                  
Wait for it it to chime!                  
See you soon                  
And don't listen to yourself                  
You're not a loon.
Written by Vamps
Published | Edited 18th Aug 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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