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James Landis story chapter 39

James Landis story chapter 39

You have to see a judge about the violence of your response?" Angie asked James, her brows drawn together in worry.

Yes, I've booked a day off in January for the summons. The police officer said it was a formality as all of the evidence showed it was self-defense. James replied calmly.

Angie's head whipped around to look at Zoe who had the most innocent look on her face. You! You led me to believe James could go to jail for defending you!

Actually I said nothing of the sort. I merely mentioned he would go to court to see if criminal charges should be brought against him. I just left out the part about it being unlikely. Zoe smiled. Rose was wearing an enormous grin though she covered it with her hand to stifle a snort. She knew exactly what Zoe was up to and she loved her friend for doing it before she had the chance.

Angie's mouth was working but no words came out. Finally she managed to squeak one out.


You needed to be honest about your feelings for James! Especially to yourself! James's been nothing but honest about his feelings for you! Zoe barked at her friend. Loving him and being loved in return does not diminish what you had with Danny. Maybe that kind of love comes once in a lifetime but it's not the only kind of love and every kind should be treasured!

Angie looked ashamed. James reached over and stroked her cheek. "Enough." he said gently. No more angry words. If Angie can find a tiny place in her heart for me I'm happy. I don't want to replace her husband. That was magical! I would have loved to have met him. He sounds like an awesome man.

Angie's eyes began to tear up again and she held James's palm against her cheek. Danny would have really liked you too.

James's stomach chose that moment to announce its displeasure at being so empty.

The women all laughed at his embarrassed, blush.

Rose stood up and patted his shoulder on the way by. I'll make you a sandwich.

Could I have two? he asked.

Yes, you can have two. She turned back and gave him a quick kiss on the mouth. He smiled in surprise at her and she skipped out of his reach to make him lunch. She felt like a kid again.

Angie took James's hand and got his attention. He was like a big kid sometimes. Once he was looking at her she fixed her eyes on his.

How badly did you hurt Luis? she asked carefully.

James's eyes slid away from hers as a look of discomfort passed over his features. I heard I pulled his arms off but I don't recall exactly. I don't even know why I decided to do that. My head was hurting pretty bad so I had a fair amount to drink. I was also hungry and tired. Then he said he was going to hurt Zoe... again.

Something feral flashed behind his eyes. Zoe and Angie sucked in a quiet breath and shared a look.

I couldn't let him do that. So I stopped him. That's all I really remember, James shrugged looking at the tabletop. Angie looked over at Zoe.

While James was out shoveling this morning I got to talk with the cop. He had the medical report and since he knew Luis raped me he shared it with me. Luis' wrist bones were completely shattered. His elbows were dislocated. His shoulders were dislocated and there was a considerable amount of soft tissue and vascular tearing in both arms especially at the shoulder joints. Angie and Rose were listening intently and James was trying not to listen at all as he felt queasy. Six broken, ribs and a cracked sternum, Luis is going to lose his arms. They'll have to amputate both at the shoulder.

James was up and racing for the small washroom. He heaved over the toilet until he became aware of soft hands rubbing his back. As he sat back a cool, damp facecloth wiped his face and he mumbled a thank you.

I'm sorry James. I should have spared you the details. Zoe said from the doorway where she stood with Angie.

Rose was kneeling next to him and handed him a glass of water. "Rinse and spit then drink the rest."

He looked at her fondly and she gestured for him to do it, though she had the hint of a smile on her lips.

Once James had himself sorted out he went back to the table and Rose finished making him lunch. His stomach settled down so he was able to eat. While he ate his sandwiches Rose brought out a vegetable stick tray with dip and the others nibbled at that and talked about the party. James remembered something. He waited for a moment to inject a comment into the conversation. Finally he raised his hand and they looked at him with grins.

Are we talking too much James? Rose asked.

No, I'd just like to say something, he replied.

The floor is yours, she grinned.

I met Victoria Rutledge at the prison last night. Her family has shunned her. No one visited her in prison. Her daughters are in England with her parents. Her lawyer managed to get her out of prison and she'll be released Christmas day. She has no one to go home to. I- I invited her to join us. I hope you don't mind.

Rose looked a little upset at first but reined it in and nodded. Angie also nodded to James. That's a very nice thing you did. Of course she's welcome.

James finished his lunch and by the end he was fading. He stood up and put his plate in the dishwasher and gave each of the ladies a kiss as he announced he was off to take a shower and a nap. He dragged his self up the stairs and walked into his room. He closed the door and sighed, looking at the bed. Soon!

He walked into his washroom and brushed his teeth. Then he pulled off his clothes which went directly into the bin. He loved his shower. He loved the room Rose let him use but he especially appreciated the shower as the one he'd used back in Shirley's basement had been so small! He got the water running nice and hot and turned on the overhead showerhead. The hot water was so good and he felt his muscles soaking in the heat and begin to relax. He hadn't realized how tense he'd been.

He closed his eyes and just stood there for a few minutes enjoying the pure sensual experience.

He started when he felt a soft body press against his back. The soft tits were pressing against his back and lips were gently kissing his shoulders. He peered over his shoulder and saw wet, white blond hair. Angie.

He tried to turn but her arms tightened around his chest.

I want you to know how sorry I am James for putting you through that pain. I was so confused. Love meant one thing to me. I realize now how wrong I was. I was willing to deny myself love to protect an ideal that didn't need protection. I- I love you Ed.

James wouldn't be denied any longer. He turned in her arms and took her face between his hands. His mouth found hers, her lips soft, willing and hungry. His tongue caressed hers and he sucked it gently into his mouth and she clung to him as she moaned.

His hands moved down to squeeze her firm ass cheeks and she ground herself against him.

He pulled back from the kiss and moved his mouth down to her tits, sucking the nipples into his mouth and thrashing them with his tongue.

Oh FUCK, JAMES! YES, that feels- AHHHH!'

He gently scraped his teeth over her areolas and pulled on her stiff nipples with his teeth. Angie ground her pelvis against his, feeling his thick cock pressing against her. Fuck he felt so hot!

James suddenly knelt before Angie and pressed his mouth to her pussy.

FUUUUUUCCCKKK! OH FUCK! JAMES! GEEZUS JAMES! OH! NNNNNNNGGGG!!!!" she wailed as he sank two thick fingers into her wet channel and sucked on her lower lips. Her fingers went into his hair as she held him tight against her while he pumped his fingers into her.

James looked up and was entranced by Angie's raw beauty as she looked down into his eyes while she gasped and shook through her rapture. Her tight stomach muscles were rippling and trembling from the waves of pleasure shooting through her nerves. He could tell she was getting close.

He slipped his fingers out and ran them quickly over his stiff cock. He pulled his mouth back and Angie's look became desperate. James stood and lifted her with his hands under her ass. She didn't even have time to gasp before his cock found its mark and drove into her. He reached bottom in one stroke and she threw her head back as the sensation overwhelmed her.

James lifted Angie and slammed her back down, his pelvis slapping hers wetly. He sped up his motions as he felt his body ramping up for a release.

AAAHH! AAAHH! FUUHH! NNNGG! FAAAA! Angie cried out each time their bodies slapped roughly together. James was growling with his need for her. His movements sped up again and Angie felt like she was losing touch with her body as her mind began to float on a cloud of energy.

When James leaned Angie's back against the cold tiles she shrieked in shock and her mind returned to her body fast. His hips began to drive up into Angie in short quick strokes like a machine. This position allowed James to free up a hand to squeeze her large breast and gently roll and pull on her nipple.

JAMES! JAMES! JAMES! JAMES! JAMES! JAMES! OH! FUCK I'M CUMMING!!! I'M CUMMING! OH GEEZUS! CUMMING! JAMES! OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUUUUUUCK! Angie cried out and her legs shook uncontrollably as she gushed through an intense orgasm.

James's climax crashed over his senses and he tried to hold himself as still as he could as his body twitched and ground against her.

Both sagged and breathed hoarsely after their bodies finally finished their surges.

James carefully lifted Angie clear and she hissed as her abused flesh protested. His cock was looking a little raw as well. He gently set her back on her feet but her legs wouldn't support her so he carried her under the spray and they rinsed off. James shut off the water and they stepped out onto the carpet. He wrapped a towel around her and sat her on the toilet. He dried himself off as she rubbed the towel over her body weakly. She looked as tired as he did.

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