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I read your poems  they suck
    they all suck … whoever said you were a poet
was skunked on gasoline, tapping your ass.  Don't try
to covergirl coat your blemished ego    
the translucent civility doesn't suit you
  …I can still see you;
foundation is the cure for faces
that shit their age beyond prime:

didn't poetry teach you that?
  and do you     feel that?

I'm that weight
breaking your bones on frail shoulders   move over
and let me
 straight fuck your ink
like a dirty trick …

did you blink
        at my remark?  yes, it's bitch'tabulous … hiccup
pour me another shot, will you, honey; I'm not done
drinkin' your poetry under the table

you vomit      channel'number'something'5
from your angle every'thang probably looks unstable, and pretty.

but there on the floor    it defines you;
curled in a weeping ball, your undigestible muse shouts:

you're a whore and your house has many cunts – which one
do I fuck

                          with my fist       before I feel
the heart'beat of your period?

she applies a fourth coat of mascara    and paints
her mouth a cherry black, and when it opens

           – it is legs spreading like
wet vaginal wings –

lil semens pour out like an inebriation of sub'machine'angelic'demons
and those vile silhouettes   …they're selling ana'micro'conda'bots;

I finally chip a nail
holding your soul over a ledge where
hedge'funders commit suicide
and make it look poetic'pathetic …
I'm ready to drop you
all you have to say is        now

Written by DevlinDLC
Author's Note
...stop crying
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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