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Monsoonal Reindeering, The Rising Soul Lanterns

ripples…. are they parting or merging?
there is silence of the pools  
between a harshly fallen drop & its  
splashing diehard circumferential  
the building up sound …as it explodes  
diffusing traceless into much of thirsted  
of the parching earths now in  
an uncomfortable silence....that  
that may be  
a jerky manipulative mould  
in that’s so  
stuffed upon in frilly layered lies  
one after another after another… its  
hardened boldening holds that’s  
s t r a n g u l a t i n g  
the touched soiling base unto a sudden  
shockingly shrunken clot- pressurized  
& pulled up  
in a temporal levitation..only  
to be freefalling suicidal  
out of the already  
loosening grips... now  
in a crackdowning  
in clutching protuberance  
in some ossified decades  
now blow out in a famine’s erosive
severity …its unsettling turbidity  
of deathly dusts in darkly rise  
penning thumb  
a bloodied line of cease-fireless  
violence..swollen to be a  
blown out benumbing  
……..distorting aghori-fications
still an adamant stud of frontline  
rebellion daring naked degrees  
-its pillowed facades  
press against the ghastly printing  
rollers-their bladed & bundled  
stemming entirety in catalytic thrusts  
flowing fuelling as the burning  
midnight oil… a wanton orgasmic  
squeeze desirous of its craved  
paining needs it paints.... in  
its splashes of pure exuding  
….is a  
legendary irony,
any recorded limits  & shackles  
of your defining rigours… this, this, this  
…is what is the red of freedom & love  
in a spectacle- a rarity spotted reindeer  
ah, this reindeering again & again now!  
--with its sparking firebulbous eyes---
[in  yogic calming mixing  
fixtures of unifying streams  
unto this aching soul  
----their branching horns’  
a firmly networking silence  
enmeshing in an ageless grip  
of earthly brown  
rootedness..tagging skies &  
souls, amidst rapid-fire chaos  
of monsoonal flooded flows  
-----symbolical signs of a hiccupping  
absential presence, a nostalgically  
kicking out radicalized radicle  
in arrival]

----their eyes
of sparking ignitions rise  
above as lanterning fireflies…taking  
on the sinking down darkness oddities  
by their minutely infinite winged kites  
in blindingly lamplit- a holy incensing
light(ness) uprising  
struck thunderous--
 a robustizing ephemerality
downpours..... thinning as  
drizzly electrifying streaks  
over the deeply stagnating  
blackened cavities-  
with their camouflagingly mapped  
slanting adjacent slopes…diffusing
as creased platinal electroplatings  
in partial winking blinking kohl-eyed
mystical glistens  
---in the trying blanket  
smothering of the reindeering's  
fire-eyed luminescence---

of the mind—a thickly  
stirring in viscous solidities  
in the limitless breaking… by  
infusing penetrance—of  
the entwining brilliance, the  
light(ness) & their partial  
---all in the churning of eternal sun's flaming  
elixir, Devaamirtham of souling depths
Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
tried as an entry for -Rage Rage Against the Dying of the Light
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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