Prayer for a Bitter Young Man

I see you at the end of the bar
pensive and brooding
angry at the world,
your girl (or lack thereof),
inept boss who takes his job
so damn seriously

your twisted mouth
dripping cheap beer
you hate my pinstripe
and the way the bartender smiles
when she reaches high
for my whisky

You wonder why
I drink in this dive
if not to taunt you
with my success
consider: this isn't my first drink here.
I drank Pabst long before
the hipsters made it cool

My hands are no longer dirty
and my back hurts from golf
not lifting
but I sat in your seat
many years ago, when the
bartender was Jim, not Jess

I was dead in the eyes, then
wishing not for a chance
but an end
so even in your bitterness
I call you a piker
but like it or not we are akin

Thus, I leave this prayer
to a god we know isn't listening
on a napkin:

If you are smarter than you look
and have cast-iron balls
realize the power of "nothing to lose"
look up
is there a path? If not, move on.
When you can see those you hate
working around you, learn.
Absorb knowledge like your life
depends on it, because your future does
be loyal, dependable, deferential
then win on your own, amen.


If you are smarter still
you'll see beyond
and find a girl who will be your muse,
your model, your inspiration
and create art, music, and literature
make love; have filthy sex
dig deep into each other's souls
with brutal honesty
consume each other's insecurities
before they neuros'tisize; live
as you will
   as you would
if you were not destined for regrets

Written by highlyfunctional
Author's Note
Young man take a look at my life, I’m a lot like you.
No I’m not.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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