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Late Night Appetite

He caught me late night snacking, tip toeing back to bed
Three in the morning tits almost showing, turning me bright red
Green crop top jammies, baby blue booty boxers on my waist  
Hair held high, spoon in my mouth trying to sample a taste  
I found myself on the couch, I somehow landed there  
Peanut butter and spoon had gone flying out somewhere  
I tried to stand but he pulled me back and sat me on his lap  
I told him no, he grabbed my chin and said,  
"Mm. Don't be like that"  
He spread my legs with his to drape me wide on either side  
Hand around my throat he choked a moan I couldn't hide  
Spilling out my breasts, the shirt hardly covered them at all  
Stretched and spread on top of him half naked and so raw  
"Tell me you dont want me baby and I promise I'll stop"  
I bit my lip grinded my hips and whimpered "I cannot"  
He chuckled in my ear and whispered softy "cannot what?  
Tell me you don't want me, or let me have a little touch?"  
He pushed on my clit so softly then lightly layed a tap  
I groaned and grind, he lifted up high to land a full hand slap  
He gently teased my neck and ear with his tongue    
Sucking, softly whispering,    
"Tell me how you wanna come"  
'No' I moan but his words caress my spine just like a kiss    
Laughing, he pinched my nipple and quickly pushed his fingers in    
'Yes' he commanded as he resumed his previous attack  
Licking, biting, stroking, choking, so I couldn't fight back  
I screamed and pleaded for him to stop playing so unfair  
But his rhythm became vicious as he didnt seem to care  
That I pushed and pulled at him, body and mind fighting    
He fingered me deliciously his hardness so inviting  
I didn't want to say it, surrender was never an available option  
But his fingers circling and pumping made lethal concoctions  
I cried out as he was tipping me quickly over for the spill  
My ass rubbing his dick so hard as he held me firmly still  
"Please let me come" was all I could whimper out loud  
Blushing as I just revealed that I'd laid my weapons down  
His moaning in my ear and finger fucking just wouldn't quit  
I came crashing clit full throbbing as I simply let go of it  
"That's right baby," he chuckled, excited as I screamed his name  
And even though I lost it, he kept his rhythm the same    
"No more!" I sighed and was allowed to turn around  
'First a kiss' he said and bit his lip before he bounded    
Languid in and out we felt each other from the inside  
Lost in many rhythms from sharp tongues to dry pumping thighs  
Raw is right, I couldnt wait and moved the shorts aside  
So wet when his tip hit my slit it was a gentle glide  
The fullness of him bowed my head, this was my favorite dance  
I kissed him hard and teased his head, in and out, he had no chance  
Slow at first, this way I rubbed myself against his skin    
Deep inside, my hips squeezing as he'd slide in  
Pressure gave to pleasure so he had to take control  
Motioning my hips and sucking hard on my nipples  
He smacked my ass so hard over and over as we sped up  
Then slammed my face into the couch, leaving me ass up  
Animal sounds escaped as he slammed into my ass  
No pretense just a finger down my back before the smash  
Coming without warning, the flood drowned my screams  
He pulled my hair like a harness as he released his seed  
But I didnt want to stop, it's never felt so damn good  
Then he said  
'Id like to see you drip in the shower, if I could.'
Written by BabydoII (Itty Bitty)
Published | Edited 6th Aug 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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