devil inside her


What's really going on  
life is one big blur  
ppl come and go
it's always just her.  
If you said something was off  
Id have to concur  
I already know  
there's a devil inside her.  
she has no control  
she fights and begs it please  
it never listens  
it never does truly leave.  
its there if you ever care to look  
it hides behind her eyes  
it's that dull look of pain  
it's the times you never know she cries.  
she never can truly trust  
there's always doubt and fear of more pain  
it's the way she hides her smile  
afraid someone might pretend to love her again.  
its the rage she keeps pinned up  
she won't ever admit  
it's the way she feels about love  
the way it makes her sick.  
how did this happen  
she walks around as if all is well  
but its there if you care to see  
She's living in her very own  personal hell  
caused by disappointment  
unfulfilled promises and broken hearts  
it is from every person who walked out on her  
and ripped her soul apart.  
it wants to come out  
it wants to rear its ugly head  
she never escapes it  
it even follows her to bed.  
it haunts her in the worst way  
it invades her dreams  
she wakes up constantly throughout the night  
shes forever cursed it seems.  
she doesn't want to admit it  
but can't hide it anymore  
it has become too obvious to deny  
there's a devil inside her.  
she will give no excuses  
and show mercy to no man  
she wants to rip out their hearts  
as many as she can.  
what happened you ask  
maybe there's a way she hasn't considered before  
shes tried everything but still  
there's a devil inside her  
it didn't happen all at once  
no, not overnight  
it's from years of disappointment  
and giving up on her fight.  
Her fight for love  
its been a brutal war  
she will never be the same  
everywhere u look there's a battle scar.  
what is left to fight for  
will anyone try to save her  
shes down pretty bad  
just check the score.  
never actually came out on top  
never really won  
she given up already  
but he has just begun.  
when you look what do u see  
look past that fake smile  
you know its there, what could it be  
but its been there quite a while  
she doesn't care if it wins  
she doesn't wanna resist anymore  
it is what it is  
there's a devil inside her.  
better run  
head for the hills  
there's no escape  
no remedy or pills  
there's nothing left to say  
never leaving no matter what  
its here to stay  
forget everything u have heard before  
just know, yeah.....  
there's a devil inside her.

"The demons you have are what motivate you to make your art. This is what drives the detective, this is what drives the painter, this is what drives the writer: a conflicting urge to forget pain and at the same time remember it and fight for some kind of justice. I know these powerful things are inside of me and everyone in some way or another". Tom Reiss
Written by Addi82 (Addi)
Published | Edited 30th Jan 2020
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