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Poetic Cunts

You wanna play with us
Sliding between our sexy thighs
Letting our cunts drain you, then drain you again
Mm… by the huge bulge in your pants, I say you are aroused beyond imagination.
Then I need you to sit back and relax on my silk covered bed and watch me entice my whore’s tight cunt unto a feverish pitch.

Pulling her clit back wiggling her soft flesh, then sticking my finger inside my mouth... the dampness from her sweet abyss, meeting my lips, kissing her, branding her cunt taste on her lips for you to taste.

You like that, you naughty boy.

Pushing her backwards on the bed, kneeling to my knees, pulling her hips down to the edge of the bed, parting her thighs, my palms soothing her supple skin, kissing up her inner thigh, the tip of my tongue swirling within the fine hairs of her pussy lips, taking a quick ringing-bell lick.

You hear her moaning for my tongue to go deeper inside her.... palming her breasts, making her whimper for my carnal pleasure, needing for my tongue to flog her clit, finger her pussy hole, smearing her juices on her nipples then lapping it off.

In her hunger for my desires, wrapping her legs around my back, me sniffing her cunt, her back flapping as my tongue strokes her wet seeping; she pushing my head downward, my tongue follow the path of her delicious scent, my tongue slowly snaking inside to claim her obedience, feeling her tight and silken walls milking my tongue to make her cum juices coat my tongue.

Palming my head, pushing my mouth downward to her quivering wet cunt. Giving her what she needs, want, what she famish craves.

My two fingers joining my tongue dance deep inside her pussy, her uplifting pelvic mound clashing into her face, uncoordinated thrusts, my tongue dipping deeper, her soft cries, whimpers, telling me her climax is reaching a fetishist heighten of my oral fixation.

Holding my tongue in place, wiggling the tip inside her soaking wetness, she bucking my face, palming the sides of my face, my tongue riding her lust, her head denting the pillow, I hold her hands to her side, her feminine juices swirling around my tongue…mmm, swallowing her essence.

Breaking her hands free, palming my head, continuing to fuck me face.

Inching back.

Hold your tongue out mm…kissing your lips, you like the way my whore tastes on your tongue, her flavor slowly dissipating, rolling her moistness around your tongue.

Both of us watching you sink backwards, resting your head on the pillow, hoping, wishing, for our wicked pleasure to consume you, feed you … mmm... yes, go on, that’s right, slowly stroke your erection, your clear coating, coveting the tip

You want to join us handsome, my knees dipping the mattress, climbing up on the bed, French kissing you, you tasting my whore’s climax juices on my lips, you spreading her legs, sticking your two fingers inside her pussy, while your tongue rolls over each of my nipples.

Oh…yes…biting down on my bottom lips, my breathing becoming ragged, arching my back, as your finger travels deeper inside my whore’s wetness, your mouth suckling my nipple peak even harder.

Reaching out to palm your dick, pumping your throbbing length, up and down, your pre-cum saturating my palm.

Laying back on the bed, spreading my thighs for you, you taking a slow lick up and down my slit… palming your head, my pussy lips meeting your mouth.

Oh. .baby…that... that feels so good... oh baby don’t stop.

My whore, leaning over licking over my nipple, her two fingers joining your tongue, mmm… the dual sensation have me moaning, gyrating my pussy hole, palming your head, clamping my inner thighs to you face

You cup my buttocks and pull my wetness deeper in your tongue’s plundering path.

Seesawing my pelvis up and down. You placing my legs over your shoulders.

My whore then kissing my mouth, sucking on my tongue, transferring her juices inside her mouth, then liking around my lips.

Fuck us both, then slowly make love to me while she watches, fingering herself with the memory of my tongue inside her cunt.
Cupping your dick then shooting it deep inside my pussy, linking my legs around your lower back, you lifting me up, carrying me around the bedroom, hammering my hips downward, knocking your pulsating dick upward, stationing my back up against the wall, placing my arms above my head, softy biting my nipples, my pussy hole tightening around your width, you cup my buttocks, bouncing my hole up and down you elongated dick, bending your head backward, then forward, pouring your seed deep inside my cunt, your mouth finding my nipple, sucking it then laying me on the carpet thrusting your erection deeper inside me.

Mm…closing my eyes, my climax cresting, then gloving the head of your dick, floating downward mingling within the pools of your ejaculation

Whew... breathless

Written by Cocoa
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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