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Whip Cream Dessert

Whip Cream Dessert  
A personal experience  
One day when i came home from work my Wife had prepared a nice meal for me as usual and she always finds a way to make it special and OH BOY DID SHE.  
She Really made it even more Special with a nice bottle of wine. We sat and enjoyed her delicious home cooked meal. We finished the meal she said she now has a tasty delicious treat for dessert and asked if i wanted whip cream on it. I said yes.  
She went into the kitchen for a longer time than i expected. When she came out she had a special dessert. She came out totally nude with whip cream all over her Huge Firm 36Ds and sat next to me and said (ENJOY). I said, i will.  I then started to lick the whip cream off nice and slow. As soon as my warm wet tongue started to circle around her firm erect nipples she moaned a MMMMM-MMMMM moan  of pleasure as i continued Slowly to lick until her tits were licked clean.  
She then started to undress me and had me sit back down as she took the whip cream container and said (now it is time for my dessert. A double treat of whip cream and the biggest load of cum i can coax out of you). She then covered my erect throbbing dick with a lot of whip cream and started to lick it off nice and slow until she licked me clean. She then said, now to my second half of dessert because i am going to suck the biggest load of your Warm Slippery Sweet Cum you can give me.
 She then put her warm lips on the head and started teasing the tip of the head with the tip of her tongue a while. Not rushing just taking her time. She then parted her lips and slowly slid my throbbing dick into her warm wet mouth Swirling her very warm tongue all over until her lips were down to my balls. She stayed like that a long long time. Using her tongue very slow, gentle and very soft. We both like it that way.  
She was making me moan in pleasure as she also started to moan in pleasure. I just had started to ooze out nice flows of pre cum that got better and better and more and more as she continued.  
Between the saliva from her mouth and my oozing cum the slurping got louder and louder. The both of us were getting satisfied more and more until a good while later started to moan Um-Hum Um-Hum as she was signalling me that she had enough of my oozing cum. She was now ready for and wanted the full load that both her and i were working on building up.  
We both wanted to make it the best and most of all the biggest load we could work up together. Nothing is better than working together that way. She then went into high gear with gear tongue and mouth licking and sucking like getting my cum was the only thing in the world that could and would satisfy her.  
I felt the build up begin and my dick started to pulse and throb signaling her that her cum reward  was about to arrive and satisfy her.  
Both of us were starting to moan louder and louder and she started moaning Um-Hum Um-Hum Um-Hum Um-Hum signalling me more and more that she was ready.  
She had her head tilted up enough to look into my eyes as i also looked into hers waiting to share such a precious moment.  
I told her to look for me to make a kiss to her with my lips because as soon as i do i will give her my best and biggest load of cum i can produce for her.  
She then Winked to me letting me know that she was ready. As i started to make a kiss she started to wink. At that second my dick Erupted my biggest load of cum i ever Produced. she started moaning MMMMMMM-MMMMMMM signalling me she was finally satisfied.  
It also was the longest load of cum i had ever produced. It was shooting out spurt after spurt like it was never going to stop. I could tell how much cum i kept giving her as she was slurping and gulping and gulping and slurping. Letting me know with her eyes how much cum I was really giving her the way they were watering up.  
The more and more i kept shooting spurt after spurt the more she had to keep gulping and gulping and swallowing and swallowing to Keep up with how much i continued to give her.  
Her Moans MMMMMMM-MMMMMMM let me know How good It Was and how i out did myself with the amount of cum as well as how long i was able to keep giving it to her. After a while when my cum started to get less and less she slowed down also,
 I could tell from her winking a lot as well as from her slurping and gulping as she swallowed that she was satisfied.
 She then rested her head down and just wanted to keep my dick inside her mouth so she can enjoy feeling it go from rock hard to soft and limp. That took a good while and i really enjoyed the after cum Tongue massaging and sucking as my dick was now super sensitive, and i told her so. She kept me happy by keeping my dick inside her extra slippery warm mouth a long time. She was enjoying me as much as i enjoyed Her.  
About 15 minutes later we both got a unexpected but welcome surprise. my dick started to get hard again as she started to moan Um-Hum Um-Hum Um-Hum Um-Hum. As it reached it's peak of hardness it erupted again in another really good but not as huge load of cum. I could tell as she started blinking her eye at me that she was as pleasantly surprised gulping and swallowing the cum treat she always enjoys and looks forward to as often as she could.  
After she could not coax any more Cum out of me she took me out of her mouth and told me How good and sweet and it was. Just the way she likes it.  
She then Surprised me by telling me that All the cum i gave her was so good and satisfied her so much that she Now wanted us to go right into the living room so we can watch a movie. She cuddled next to me and rested her head on my stomach. She engulfed my really soft limp dick inside of her mouth. She now wanted to work Up a third load of cum. To both our surprise after a little longer than a hour my dick started to get hard and she took me out of her mouth.  
She told me I think you are going to be able to set a record tonight.  
About 20 minutes of sucking and tongue massaging i was able to work up and produce a third but not much of a load of Cum, It still was a cum we both enjoyed.  
After that she kept my dick in her mouth enjoying sucking and tongue massaging it until the movie was over. I was so exhausted that i had to tell her that i had to get to bed. We both got in bed and cuddled as we went to sleep. We both over slept.  
Written by HopelessPoet (Hopeless Romantic Joe)
Published | Edited 5th Aug 2019
Author's Note
This is a Story about A Personal Experience when i was in my 30s.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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