Nonsense and so many ands...

:she extends herself    
into heaven yet twirling her    
 toes into hell:  waving    
fingers in tandem    
'the word home- whether in    
English, Hebrew or French    
for her it’s difficult to    
translate '    
causing only handfuls of her    
to spill forth    
42.1399● N,  67.9045● E    
she says to be captured under    
a tongue is not the same    
as embrace,    
it is beyond any genre, it is    
beyond the Principle of    
Design .to be kept in such    
a place    
five a.m. epiphanies peels    
the ordinary from her    
having come so far    
for needs being met,  when    
any two quantum objects    
are focused enough to    
particlise their interaction    
they develop into a strong  
form of  “Bell Entanglement”    
entering a shared quantum    
state in which the    
for their properties are now    
essentially Interdependent    
then she thinks of your veins    
becoming her scarf    
she exclaims:    
-insert your addendums here!-    
.. _________________ .
eleven and three thousand    
‘days of creations told in    
fragments there must be    
there must be more, after this’.    
zugzwang or zwischenzug?    
she anonymously sign    
images ovr after ovr without    
a name, between    
unconditional offerings of    
sensuality and unconventional    
lightning strikes across her    
body forcing her into    
mouvement -    
there is no moon tonight,  its    
weight is to be carried    
you    must     feel    to    see    
''what to notice, record, and    
to imagine/    
watch this ...  ..remember    
Written by HowlingWhelms (Noire)
Author's Note

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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