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nzadi o nzere: Land of a River's Gamble/ the C-K Influence


just with ridiculously miniscule  
of reserve hung in its huge, now  
spatially emptied out gular pouch  
a migratory bird
swims across salty currents  
& alien smelling vastly  
untested airs  
spurs into an approaching irony
the dramatic demarcating centric  
imaginarily circling (a)round for long  
    -this dragging equatorial line
their stealthy dense canopies in an eerie silence ...
indecipherably winking in midnightish notorities  
wide-open & giggling whorish wayward river sprints wild  
with thickly clogging logjams alongside the nondescript  
jetsam flotsam  
storms ablaze with fiery sun & thunderbolts all at once  
yet the jungle’s juggernaut cartels emerge out of nowhere  
turning earth inside out as the stirred hornets out of nest  
in buzzing bewildered firing spree of spewing vengeance  
homes somewhere nearby inundated by tearing down fury  
uprooted cycads & thrown out roofings & all the suspended  
choking dusts of hopelessness

swirls in a cyclonic haze marring the weary bird's longing visions
whilst a local in distress digs out diamonds beneath the rubbles  
his teeth flash crazy for once brighter than sandy diamonds  
& wait, not just that...also does reach on  
to the dug out mysterious hued minerals..that he  
quickly tightly bundles his stinking hunchbacks to trade...
saddeningly only to the all grabbing  
reigning cartel lords of cruelty  
...eventually as if infectiously desperate  
like them, he brutally loots & slays other  
tribe as birth right

on his bloody way wherever back drifting fragile as a mere survival
he's goes down as an unaccounted corpse in the arrogant militias’  
power play- the piled up mass-grave pits, eating innocence

the raging red bird in flaming burns
circles the blackening gloomy skies in search of steady greens  
sees only the camouflaging terrains riddled with hypocrisies-
cross-dressed woodfishers & kingpeckers  in elegiac cacophonies  
predacious crocodiles are the mammoth let out garden lizards  
& the simply humbling crows bloat huge as greyly croaking ravens  
the untamed bird’s
a solo messenger of its own stance  
an ignited apocalyptical Kali’s spark  
to bring down the maddening whole…
those eccentric evolution & thriving abound  
selfish genes- purely in parasitical plunders

Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
a try for -Unique Places -Comp.

nothing to savour in some places except for the forbearing lap of Nature..
& that one with righteous rage strides in sync with Her in each small step for Peace & Love

*title : nzadi o nzere-in Congolese -means River Swallowing Rivers;
*C-K refers to : Congo-Kinshasa, a short stint in there & its influence

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