Image for the poem Love is a REENGAARAM: an everbuzzing bokeh of Red Raging Sun

Love is a REENGAARAM: an everbuzzing bokeh of Red Raging Sun

stilted skull of stillness        
holds its tightly brittle template        
as if alien alighted refugee        
an inclusive negotiation of        
an immigrated home-an        
asylum in its ceasefiring        
LOC’s barbed façade      
when a hazy sleepwave        
rises as an incensing curve        
- smothers hypothalamic base        
in a swooning soothing drowsiness        
& hits atop the metallic timbres        
of mid-cranial roof in        
an ironically sudden jolt of        
a waking up        
cloudiness, reeling under        
as random undated mixture        
of nostalgic dream dejavu      
this love-   strikes        
in a cratering pandemic  a familiar        
cadaveric famine        
of a sickening absence.....
[....of a timely transplanted aesthetic        
mainfields of our lushly wetlands        
in still-mirroring subtle time lapses        
of our abrasive facades..sparking versed        
zing in the frictionally colliding fusions        
.....of your just smelled sucked in slithery        
skins with glistening lips dripping luscious        
whilst the thirsting calico tonguing lust        
are hung as parching sandpapery fist        
....of your supremely smirking zygomaticus highs        
& the magneticious n-dimensionally levitating        
seducing bundles of your pulling in levator labii        
muscling & tucking in sideward & upwards        
in the mystical minarets of your junctional temple...      
....the now shrunken eagle eyes in skirted ripples        
hint a romanterotic & slightly twisted        
majestic fixations of darkly blooming        
black pupils in staring devoutions…      
....of your letloose, throbbing wildhorse        
racing over our sultry perspirations        
of our sliding over curving heartlands        
....of your widened priest’s ritualistic hands        
unflapping the crossed swollen silken winglets        
to a rubbing ruffling ferocity of pulsating flights        
as the pinkish horizon hatches out to dawns        
flown with milken springs..thickly creaming        
& curdling (in a maddening chaotic crisis)        
in freshly brewing frothy fermentative crisis        
in tender dotting butterflying timbres        
of patterning chaotic silence …jostles        
in a flubbered gelling …]
spatial absential mysteries--
--sandwiched in richly stitching threads        
that drags slow in drowsy elasticities        
- their elongative linking longevities        
freely flagellate as  wombed memories        
- their tenderly tissues bloated        
in your overnightly fermenting seducig        
percolations frothing in as raw        
mangoish salting fleshiness- its        
marginating edges cracks open        
its north-south laid corridors        
jammed in sturdiness of its gravelling        
meteoritic chunks of our nightish        
naked trysts held up as viciously        
churning in roaring plasmic skies        
arrowing down indifferentially        
towards my waiting reddened earth        
-the fiercely firing terracotta pits        
arching back towards your freely blotting        
tribal sun in cosmic vibing        
heat pangs...ever        
in a wanton spindling down        
perpendicular javelins as        
scintillating fibrous transitions        
in an arrayed aligning of        
thus mystically floatative earth        
tied magnetic        
to your sunning multi-verses        
streaming as lined up red lustrous        
metallic taps gushing out        
droplets of molten passion        
towards my devotion        
REENGARAM…this your our love        
is an everbuzzingly orbiting bokeh        
of a clarifying blurriness vision  ..of        
your absential presence …a        
black holing in continuum      
of your endless dotting in motion        
gheeing in my thinning holy wicks        
-this worshipping core in submission        
is wholly in a drowning absorbance        
choking cleansing to aromatically        
torching in flames of liberation
Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
Inspired by my own Micropoetry comp- What is Love-
but scribbling as ever a long so long a tried epic? of love
For You Rob. You Know xx
Inspired by my own Micropoetry comp- What is Love-
but scribbling as ever a long so long a tried epic? of love
For You Rob. You Know xx
* REENGARAM- ரீங்காரம் - is a Tamil Word-meaning a constant humming buzz

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