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the darkness echos back

words are my lovers...
I bend them in a mental acrobatics
they hold my reason or lack of
do I pay a toll for my seeming careless handling of them?
well I'll tell you about my darkness
it's always been with me
since my very first memories
taking my first steps
they stepped with me
my guardians...
to never let them have voice would be to shut me up too
I would never talk at all
fine by you?
but I have secrets to tell
I intend to help
this isn't the first time I've written to you
there have been times in my life where I sought to be all light
my guardians came for me with a ferocity you can't imagine
I would love to go blithely unaware of the powers that be but I can't
I'm a channel...
you have the choice to tune in or out
I'm not given the opt-out option
if I hide during the day...I'm stalked at night
in a place where god is just an entity throwing his weight around
don't you know the highest in the hierarchy stand in the pull-pits?
this is a form of mental enslavement
I've seen things I won't forget
heard and known things I don't control
being groomed for a being I have no taste for
my evolution isn't complete
highly evolved and learning
I don't intend to return to the dark star of my origins
though there is great beauty on this star
you want to know the source of alien DNA
I tell you better to practice the art of humanity
there are enough monsters with superiority complexes
they believe in survival of the fittest
they intend to destroy from the inside out
technology didn't come cheap
you paid with your blood and have no knowledge--
of the true source of the wars we fight
the powers that be...pit this one against the next
it's gladiator school and our government signs the deal...why?
who do you think is really in control
or do you realize you're a slave to their greed and love of power
a third world planet signing everything away for more gadgets
Written by smackdownraven
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