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The Choker

she sits regally
in a lush, red Bergère chair
perfectly upright


palms face down
on slightly parted thighs
facing a long, wooden
beveled mirror

the gleam in his eye
catches her secret garden
her blue eyes, alert
never straying
as he takes in the view
they stare at each other
in brief, equal admiration

spread...................ever so slightly

her garden reveals
a slight trace of dew
but is it enough?
has she waited long enough?

“Raise your arms,” he quietly whispers.

her arms raise, breasts rising up
two pert nipples aligning the sun
a dainty gold chain encircles her waist
he grits his teeth, his desire to ravage
outweighing the ceremony
her eyes watch, she waits
arms up, deep, even breaths

spread...................ever so slightly
her thighs part, the valley shines
ready for the first tasting
he stands before her
slowly reaching between her thighs
one curled finger, dips and slowly slides
up between her succulent lips
she gasps, her body shivers
a surge of energy spreads
from her taut and pulsing bud


she maintains her composure

spread...................ever so slightly

he stands back, their eyes locked
slowly and with pleasure he licks his finger
the indescribable aroma intoxicates his senses
his tongue alive with her flavor
his mouth salivating for more

she looks at him and quickly averts her eyes
he can tell she wants his approval
does her essence please him?
he leans down, lips brushing her ear

“You taste like a fresh peach on a warm summer’s day, juices dripping down my face with each glorious bite.”

her eyes light up
a slight curve of her lips
reveals a hesitant smile
he leans down swiftly
whispering in her ear

“We are not finished.”

her back straightens
arms remain raised
her eyes briefly look away
quick to return steadfast
no trace of a smile
he smiles at her obedience
her willingness to give of herself
despite her mischievous attitude

spread...................ever so slightly

“You may lower your arms.”

she lowers her arms
palms down on the top
of her widely spread thighs
back straight, eyes locked on his
his eyes devouring her flesh

he moves behind the chair
placing his hands upon her shoulders
caressing down in a smooth fashion
gliding up, along her slender neck
he softly teases her earlobes
with his fingertips
his hands roam back down
toward the front of her chest
each hand caressing down
to cup a breast
feeling their weight
hard, pert nipples
grazing his palms
a soft squeeze, their power
an overwhelming sensation

a fine gold chain
dips down between
her creamy breasts
a solid gold letter
nestles between the mounds
he hears her inhale
and then softly exhale
her arousal evident
he loves her this way

spread...................ever so slightly

her body is alive
charged and electric
each caress causing surges
of tingling pleasure
her erogenous zones
on high alert
ready for action

he slides his hands
up her curves and stands back
he reaches into the pocket
of his dinner jacket
pulls out a red velvet choker
placing it around her neck
he clasps it closed
a tiny gold letter V
dangles from the center
onto her neck

“Stand,” he quietly commands
his eyes watching her from the mirror

she slowly and seductively
closes her thighs
she rises up and stands tall
her petite stature heightened
by black, spiked heels
her hands cross behind her back
she looks at him through the mirror
her head held high, knowing her worth

he gazes at her for a full minute
taking in every unique detail
her body glistens, the red choker
a striking color against her fair skin
the gold chains cast sparkles
the wetness between her thighs
a shimmering invitation
her eyes deep pools of heart and soul

one glance giving him everything
quietly whispering
“Looks like we are we assailing the sun.”

his response...

Written by hrshykss
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