The Way Things Are

We’re gonna go deep and far and deep and far,
Plunge into the creepy dark.
Become our monsters, free and snarling
With our fangs all bared.
We’re gonna go down the tunnel, far away
From the world beneath the light of day
And come to know ourselves behind the play.

We will take our masks off and reveal
The little gremlins underneath
And in the cave whose walls we’ll feel
Our shadows will flicker across
For seconds, lit up by the torches dotting crevices.
We’ll forget the world and what we think is us.

I will be a devil, dragging you
Along a line of fairy dust,
My little buddy plaything
I return to for a loving breast.
I’ll keep us in the realm of air and meanwhile with my back to you
Shake hands with all the proper mannequins whose eyes are dead
As you, poor soul, a little gremlin, hobbles with a light and wide eyes
After me, who’ll always be ahead.

We’re gonna go deep and far, so deep and far
To find out how things really are,
Turn inside out and thrash until we don’t know who we are.
Writhe unbridled ’long the walls,
Let our monster pets roam free
To dance as they were never let before.

We’ll transform to bug-eyed hairy faces
Lashing out forked tongues,
Speak a language native to the cave
But gibberish above.
There will be no reservation of even the smallest part,
Nor observance of conduct how to behave.

Gods are flying ’mong the stars,
Kings and queens tilling the earth,
But underground this population scampers
Out of discipline.
Let the kids run wildly making mischief with a sneaky smile.
I won’t be afraid to plunge right in.

If we think ourselves angels I’d laugh
And have to disagree.
I’ll crawl into my monster’s skin
And befriend my enemy.

So long I’ve heard the tunnel’s song as it’s been luring me –
Who am I to trample over curiosity?
In the past I took a step and ran back
To meld with the world
The few incomplete dark truths I incompletely learned.
The gremlins sang a song, but a few notes I’d ever heard,
Outside their world, entirely absurd.

Written by PhantomPhace
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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