Uncharted Waters - Part Three - Ringtones

The vibration of my cell phone
Followed by my favorite ringtone
The caller was not unknown
Had he picked up on my overtone?
It seems as though it happened overnight. It did not. It was a time span of about three years from the time I got to work closer with him part-time until he was full-time a few doors down. Did I know that was going to happen? No. Am I glad it happened? Yes.  
I was dumbfounded when I found out that he would be moving to my department full-time. No more of the phone calls about numbers and fewer emails because he was going to be on the same floor as me! What a happy camper I was when I found out that tidbit of information.  
The ringtone obsession went down this way:
    He walked into my area at the same time my cell phone rang. The ringtone was not one I especially liked, but since they cost money back then – I just used whatever was free. He sat down across from me and then his cell phone rang (welcome to the world of instant communication). It was a song about chicken and biscuits. I remember saying – “dang, wish I had that for a ringtone.” He said “here, let me send it to you. I have a bunch of them.” Then the obsession began. He said let him know what songs I liked. So, I did. Within 24 hours, I went from having the free default ringtone to about 60 new ringtones to choose from! No matter what song I asked about – he had it and sent it to me. The very first one (well, second after the chicken song) was Don’t You Wanna Stay.  
Within in the next few days I had everything from Living Thing to I will Be There to Hells Bells. I remember telling him that I could not believe he had every ringtone that I wanted. He then told me that every time I said I liked a song; he would download the song and make the ringtone. I was amazed and taken by surprise. From that point, we were in contact with each other pretty much every day. My stomach would get those butterflies at the mere thought of him calling or texting or even walking by my station. Things were about to get very interesting because what I did not know at this particular time was that he loved lyrics and loved to write his own songs. Yes indeed – I guess you could say that I was in deep and I picked up on something from him during this time. I thought it might be a little bit of interest, but I wasn’t sure, and I was too afraid to say what I had thought for the last few years. No way was I telling him that I wanted to f*ck his brains out. No, that might be a conversation for the future. 😊
Written by cnbsoulmates
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