25. Could this bee the end of Bee Bee?


Humble came flying through the trees,
After the evil Blues-Bee
And Humble could see Bee Bee up ahead,
Being chased by their enemy.

Humble was trying to dodge the Blues-Bees fleas,
As they were leaping through the air at him.
He would kick the ones behind so hard,
Punch the ones in front of him with a grin
And dodge the stones the worms were hurling up,
With their tail’s being used like catapults.
All the while, Humble was speeding as fast as he could,
To save Bee Bee from the Blues-Bee, for he was no good.

Two fleas leaped at Humble and he dived down to avoid them
And they crashed into each other with an almighty bang;
But as Humble looked up, all he could see was the Blues-Bee,
Flying over the cliff edge, chasing Bee Bee, oh dang!

As Humble flew after them, he saw the Blues-Bee,
Suddenly change direction and fly off into the distance.
Bee Bee was not in front of him, so Humble stopped and turned around.
Bee Bee was lying on the ground; her face had a look of sadness.
The Blues-Bee had stung her heart and she was hurt,
But they had been through too much together,
For Humble to ever bee losing her!
So he flew to her as fast as he could.
She said it doesn’t look good,
A light bulb appeared in Humble’s mind.
Honey! You’re right!
Honey would bee good to fight,
The bitter sting of The Blues-Bee.
She needs a remedy.

She said I have used all of my supply; I have nothing left to give;
But Humble did.
He reached into his fur coat and in the pocket next to his heart,
He found the pot of Honey, Bee Bee had given to him,
When they first started dating.
He had kept it from the very start.

He took out some honey and covered the wound,
Then he said to Bee Bee, I’ll take care of you.
As he held his hand where Bee Bee had been stung,
He gave her a kiss and from behind the grey clouds above,
Out came the sun…

It shone directly on Humble and Bee Bee as they kissed.
When they had finished kissing, Bee Bee said,
Look out Humble!  He is behind you!
As Blues-Bee sped towards Humble determined to not miss.
Humble held Bee Bee tight and with all his might,
He used his wings to protect them both,
As Blues-Bee’s shadow removed the light.

Blues-Bee crashed into Humbles back, stinger first
And then bounced off Humble and began to cry.
My stinger…Not my last words…why!?
What have you done Humble?
Why did it not go through your wings?
Humble turned around to face Blues-Bee and said,
You never believed in any kind of love.
I always believed.

So now you can fly along,
It won’t take long
And I will take my wife home with me.
And you?
You will soon bee gone.
It’s time for us to leave him behind Bee Bee.

Blues-Bee flew into the sky and around in circles for a while;
He didn’t know where to go.
As Blues-Bee fell from the sky to never bee seen again,
Bee Bee pulled the stinger from Humbles wing
And said that must sting.
It’s left a little hole.

That doesn’t matter; I can still fly.
So let me fly you home before we lose the light.
You know you called me Wife when you were talking to him?
You do realise we’re not married, right?
Well I thought if you would like to bee my Queen,
Then that is something we could try to fix tonight.
We could go get married soon, if you like?
You haven’t even proposed!  
You never know.  I could say no.
With you I always know, that you are my only choice.
My inner bee speaks with your voice.
You are my way to happiness;
You are the best I will ever get
And if you say you will not marry me, then I will bee heartbroken
And love will never bee and my heart will never rejoice,
But at least I know, knowing you left me awoken.

Well I had better say yes then;
Can’t have you giving up on love.
It’s the best thing that you do.
I think it’s time I was more than your girlfriend.
You know you do have that huge heart of yours.
I guess the stories of love are true.

So Yes!  I will marry you Humble!
I want to fly with you…forever more.
Together we can Bumble.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Written by AaHarvey
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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