proof that bitch chivalry is dead

I took your fractured pen
and injected it with a bottle of Tennessee
then I infected it
with a mind bomb of my own … Mirror, Mirror
on my bathroom wall says: I've
come to deal down your verses
in a high'stakes limerick game of miseries
against your companies
      but all that goes
through my head is if my ego makes
my ass look big? I apply
a third coat of mascara and stick
a lollipop into my mouth as I listen
to an echo of pump'humpin'love bangin'
inside my vaginal wall of fame … I write a
memo to my membranes not to go
too insane when resentful teeth gnash onto my breasts
then I shiver remembering how liver
recoils at the thought of sobriety – I don't want their poetry
fucking with mine;
it just occurred to me
that no one visits anymore …yes, you
   they've, or you've, either died in my poetry
or became some pob – poetic snob.
I'm watchin' youtube, pickin' up on some
of that ghetto'hood'tube with its fuckin' licks&killa rhymes – lymes, yo
 but the joint she rolls grabs my attention, she puff, puff's          
but never gives, give, she's too gangsta for her gangster
proof that bitch chivalry is dead;
people are envious, they can't grill a steak,
they mistake a comment of gracious'ness for a curse verb
they live on the technicality of every word
it's best to imitate an ice T
and stick a glock into your mouth …[ breathe in]
and repeat to yourself 3x's a day  
your poetry sucks, your poetry sucks,
     your poetry sucks
   [ and sigh out ]

now don't you feel better?

Written by DevlinDLC
Author's Note
no one's poetry is above …we're all in this together not that you give a shit
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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