Seven bokors arrived at my crypt
Painted face and in ceremonial dress, with chants rolling from their lips
They had each read the signs and knew that I Is Me was overdue
Goats and chickens were sacrificed to Baal to help bring the Spawn through
Promises were made to Petro and Congo
They could have seven more souls, if they let just one go
Veves were drawn all over my tomb
All seven committed hari kari for I Is Me to deliver more doom
Regurgitated from the eternal flames rolling in my sarcophagus
I Is Me is reborn from the bowels of hell covered in blood and pus
But I need substance to aide in the regeneration of my strength
These chickens and goats aren't going to work, the seven dead makes more sense
Ripping off limbs, gorging myself on flesh
The blood and souls had been drained, so I was allowed to eat the rest
With visions and knowledge rushing into my mind, terabytes per second
I learn that I must teach the enemies of these seven a motherfucking lesson
After regaining my strength, the first thing is a rivaling priest
I transformed in to my human form, I'm also disguised as a thief
he claimed that he represents the lights, but refuses to share the proceeds
His plate is spilling over, into a many holes he has planted his seeds
I Is Me the thief approaches, explaining that he's in need
I begged him to help me clear my mind and save me from my evil deeds
He swore to save me starting with a hot meal served on my knees
After filling my stomach, he still intended to please
Intentions running through his mind far beyond slime
If I wanted to continue eating then I had to be down with this grind
But the wings must come out, changing back into I Is Me, shoving my fist into his mouth
Tearing my way down to his heart, hearing him scream as I rip his soul out
Written by I_IS_ME
Published | Edited 8th Jul 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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