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Image for the poem Can I Mentally Fuck You…Pretty Please

Can I Mentally Fuck You…Pretty Please

People’s passion and dedication can conquer anything.
Brie Bella

Allow me to tenderly make love to your mind
As you slowly peel off my clothes, kisses to my shoulder blades, intoxicating your senses like fine wine
Indulge my kitty, this cat is hot
My fingers embedded inside me and your mind is all I got
Ordained in time this moment for us
Shh…In God this moment we shall trust

Slide off my stilettoes and gently kiss my feet
Gliding your palms up my inner thighs where the ingress of my lust meets
Anticipation for you to fuck me on my silken sheets
Palm my buttocks and pull me into your bowed face
A small lick you taste of me, mmm.. tonight’s fate
Slowly stand to your feet now
Naked souls we shall bind, bodies our Heavenly ground
Scaling the heights of ecstasy, our moans and groans, echoing our fucking sounds

Lifting me, my legs to your back entwine
Carry me over to the bed, silk sheet kissing my spine
Pull the destiny of my sacred entry to the bottom of the bed
Palm my inner thighs as you gently spread my legs
Make me submissive, make me beg

For your domination, it gets me hot and even wet
Tattooing my skin with each grunt, marred by lover’s clenching welts
Lean your face in and take an inhale of my scent
The only aroma that will have you spent
Once deep inside me, wrists bound over my head, passion coming on strong, no relent

Mm… oh yes, taste the sweeten fruit of this Creole Goddess
Bracing the back of my upper thighs, worshipping this bodice
My feet braced on your shoulders, tongue going deeper, buttocks cupped, mmm you have no modest
My hand placed on your crown
Seesawing my pussy up to your face, gripping your short hair, then gyrating my mound around and around

Oh… my tender breasts I shall squeeze
My back flapping, as your drools of me spill, teasing my cunt to please
Holding my legs out then straight up
Licking of that fat clit, opening my legs, then hungrily licking up and down my lover’s cup…getting weakened off your oral fixation knack
You crawling on the bed, as I slowly scoot back
Cupping your extended hard girth
Oh sweet mercy… teasing my moist opening with the tip for all its worth
Then ramming it inside me and letting me feel your thrust as my pussy twerks
My essence coating your erection, swishing, juices mingling, blending, inside my oceanic depth, splashing
Lifting my ass, clenching, hammering my pussy, pounding your dick inside my tight pussy hole thrashing

Catching a swinging breast in your mouth
Oh...God don’t stop fuckin me, manhood blissfully torturing my wet south
Snatching your hard extension out
Pussy beating for completion, seeping like a spout
Lifting me over your face, eyes closed, head bent back in physical joviality
The calling between spiritual climaxing touched by the realm of reality

Mmm…my climax coating, your lips… seepage, my moans of pleasure to shout about
Body quivering, drinking the essence of me, swallowing my soul no doubt
Back on your dick
Humping my pelvis, telling me to, “move bitch”
Darting to the tip then anchoring deeper and deeper inside my slicken slit

Grunts, holding my waist tight
Your pearly release draining, mouth latching on my breast.. mmm…my juices met in flight
Oh yes…I would love to fuck you behind closed doors
Until my name is the only taste in your mouth…you adore
Crave for
Mmm amore
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Dedicated to a handsome male poet on DUP, I would love nothing better to mentally fuck, over and over again, dominating the fiber of his waking being to keep my panties soaking wet as I come back for...
Dedicated to a handsome male poet on DUP, I would love nothing better to mentally fuck, over and over again, dominating the fiber of his waking being to keep my panties soaking wet as I come back for more and more…opening my legs for his words to slide in and out the abyss of my sacred Chi, while he tastes every quench of my verbs and nouns… oh sweet mercy he has me hot…. mmm… it could be you…wink

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