Image for the poem his mystical ascendance:  my love eternal

his mystical ascendance:  my love eternal


my love-personified eternal soul warrior    
orchestrates as Moz & chants the rebellious Pasolini  
in his rigorous warring battlefields with roaring    
wins attuned to the majestic Auden & Larkin    
& you know..
his lightning arrival    
amidst all the brewing trouble    
flashes as the spectacle    
this awaited earthen girl…  
in solidifying    
from his eruptive raining absorbance    
rewriting forever the classics & definitions    
of the inexplicable love…in the clayey moulding    
sculpted eternities that we become    
in our eternal tryst..  

 a divine destiny    

his silhouetted boundlessness    
is in the severities of pasts'  ghostly    
brokenness …yet his propelling ahead    
in faith..firm hold he spells    
in love’s eternal labour    
treading the whatever spread    
rugged risky deceitful terrains--  
[by his garlanding syncretic synergies in love pure love    
he grows in enormities of a dense metaphorical jungle    
as his raw & robust fiery verses in red rimmed glowering    
bleed as hung & torn & exploding mortal fleshed rafflesia    
with a delicate ornate filled feeling somewhere in there    
so subtly nuanced in his deeply stitching verses .. pattern  
as slenderly arching finesse mimosa foliage pinnata..    
with musically swaying split-skirted butterfly ballerinas    
he sprinkles ethereal in a foraying kissing impression  
arousing as softly swollen pinkish inflorescence    
lipping in drowsy gluing drunkenness]
--each footstep he carves out in loosened sands    
and bogging wetlands…seeds with profound chaos    
& etched red swords of philosophical questioning  
cutting sharp as aligning lasered composure    
and whenever forever he drums nomadic in primal    
beats of ecstatic love, humming & in holy hymning    
“there is always a light in the Indian Ocean”….awakens    
this Shakti in ageless devouted worship to him, her    
Shiva in thaandav…flaming saffron as the Welsh sun    
pervading her still stuck up high thighflowers parting    
in rhythmic beats to his sacred bugle thundering    
across their mountainous abode in eternal love’s    
resonance as timeless days & nights of Oneness    
For Avatars Amok! comp.  
the essence is all Poet, my Love Eternal-Trouble_Loves_Me  
Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
comp. entry & tribute to you. You Know xx

Thanks Ahavati for a fine comp. to show appreciate more love & respects to DU poetic abode & poets & more :)
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