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BOOK OF WORDS, chapter two

Chapter two, nightly lessons
In sleep, I journey through the world's navel string. From Middle to Upper World to meet Allfather. He rides his eight legged horse . His silver staff bears a six leaf wildflower. He has many different names though the most common, he says is Odin. It seems he has been calling my name for a while now. I see his horse in galop over a long outstretched dry path. Sometimes the image becomes static and seems like they are flying. Over the path and on their way to a forest so green that it seems all colours of green are blending into one. Beautiful pine trees stand fierce amongst tall birches. They bend their branches as Odin rides his horse. I walk amongst the trees, sliding my handpalms against their bark. Blessing their leaves, admiring each one of them  
As the horse runs, so do I, I run through outstretched forestland. Over mossed dried out streams. Following Odin, his voice plays a harpiy sound. Small flocks of birds fly in and between me and the trees. They callout from scattered shades. . Forest greets me in all splendour. Scents open my pores and all that I have kept inside gently frees itself. I see it vaporise in a hazed glistening aura that falls upon all  
I hear Odin's voice from a place further. “Come, my child, meet at the World Tree”. His voice echoes into me. I embark my journey further. My dress full of silvan secrets which I gladly anoint myself with. When I reach him he is sitting under a giant Oak tree. It is the largest of Oak trees I have every layed my eyes on. A ray of light filters the leaves and rusty light falls as I come running towards it. Odin laughs at the sight of me. “ Look at you, Id swear you be a TreeElve with all that dirt from soil and leaves hanging around you”. He helps me clean myself, takes my hand. For a moment our eyes meet as I look into the darbrown irises. They become portals as I sink into their sockets. Across a deep ache within to a brighter space  
I sit beside him as he makes a small fire of different kinds of leaves and some twigs. I hear the sparkling sizzle of the wood. Smelling sage and nighthade. “Worry not for it is not the deadly nightshade” he says. “Do not fear nature, for fear is the road to courage”. He wavers his hands over the fire moving them through the smoke of the fire”. He speaks briefly about the nine worlds sharing his insights. He says he knew my father and once, at birth I was raised by a Black Elve named Alva. She is my rightfull mother and when Odin, Vilje and Ve created the nine worlds. It was decided they would name me Earthen. As I would serve to be a helper of the Clan of Nor. “Go now into the light, go and be a Wisdom Woman” he says softly but firmly as once more the green of his eyes mingles with his dark irises. A bleak sun awakens me shining into my face. I awake on the fields with the SilverWolves. Varg-Evening Wolf_ has joined the clan for dawngathering  
I decide to go for a short stroll and walk towards the lake, a narrow path orbitting into others. I sit down in the high grass and rest. The sun strokes my arms and I breathe in the day. A ladybug tickles my skin. I watch it crawl . For a while it stays with me then chooses a slightly blooming type of grass. I thank the ladybug for showing me it's humble beauty returning to the fields  
2.2 Daily lessons  
Dawn dressed in amber and golden hues through cloud decks of silver. Traveling like swirling fishes across the skies. Diving into another shape. The SilverWolves gathered around the heart of the Fields. They were about twenty in total though when travelling not all came allong. Only the ones who were higher in rank travelled. These were a group of eight chosen ones. Varg-Evening Wolf- the leader and alpha male ruled the clan with his spouse Yaeger (hunter). The alpha female. She was the most beautiful female wolf I had ever seen. Her slender muscular angles, her shining fur that she kept so well bathing in dew, moistering it with an elixir ofmagnolia leaves which she kept in a trunk in the coach. Each Wolf had their own possesions and one of the lower ranked Wolves looked after it. These fields known as Homeland were known as the clan's territory.  
“After morning meal we will have our rite .Madda, our youngest cub will be initiated oficially into our Clan” Varg announced. He and Yaeger were to eat first, that as a custom to their animal nature. Large blocks of freshly hunted meat were laying in the grass. I could hardly watch this part of the day, my teeth chattering as I found myself shaking. The sight brought nausea. I had to try and remain calm. Some Wolves started to grind their teeth at me detecting my fear. “Fear” Yaeger had said once “is inherit only to humans. We dive into it\s vortex, we slay the havoc of Fafnir the serpent dragon living at the gates of manworld. Slay it and you will obtain invincibility. You will find out this is almost like becoming transparant”. I tried to think of these powerfull encouraging words though failed as their shadow fell beside me, I was shaking even worse, feel down into the grass and started to cry.  
His mouth still slightly reddish Varg came towards me. I could see a change in his posture and eyes. “Refrain yourself!” he spoke “gather your energy, rise like a sun, stop the waters from your eyes” I started to cry even more and louder. He was growling at me almost hostile, I held my hands before my eyes. “STOP!” he hissed at me. “LOOK, look at me, look me in the eyes. Do you see the fire they are hiding. Do you see the phoenix rising from it.?” Asif hypnotized his vocal cords reached me and a strange though familiar strength blew into my mouth, it reached deep, deeper. The shaking had stopped. I got up and walked towards the base of the field. Varg threw a piece of meat at me shouting “DEAL with it....!” I had to take care of the meat all by myself. Noone helped me skin the meat, I had to find my own tools, and make a fire to fry the meat. After having eaten I went to wash my hands in the lake. I knew I had received an animal lesson and realized that although I was partly human I had been given a chance to earn the Clan\s respect.  
On returning to the heart of fields Yaeger was leading the Rite of initiation. Her apearance made all silent. She had been the quickest and most fierce huntress. Her eyes were so bright and looked like rose quartz. Madda the youngest of their cubs stood beside her. For a moment She showed her motherly love brushing her head against Madda's looking at him with great pride. The rite started as Yeager spoke  “We pray the aesirs to give us virtue and many bloodmoons to protect us. Once we were Wolven. Our history going back to the great ice age. We are the sacred missing llink between man and animal kingdoms. We, of Wolf, We are Hunter. Hunted. WE are the hunt.. We are the dire formations, fabrics of origin. I hereby salve your soul and spirit.Madda clan child, we welcome you amongst us in circle of eight. May there be purpose, May there be Von (hope).”  A song began as Varg led an opus of magnetising sounds. For minutes they repeated their magical chorus. A hymn to strengthen their worlds.
Written by AEMelia564 (Y)
Author's Note
Do not use any of these parts for your own private use, please keep this knowledge intact.
Copyright remains with me.
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